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First entry on the scene in 2020, Friday night funkin is a free and popular open source rhythm game that has taken the internet by storm. While the game is currently quite modest in size, with just over twenty songs, the game’s incredibly successful Kickstarter recently raised over two million dollars, so the future looks pretty bright for the game.

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Due to the open source nature of the game, not only is the game easy to modify, but the modding is directly supported by the game’s creators, leading to the highlighting of a massive amount of mods created by high quality fans. Many of these mods spoil the formula of the game so much that these mods form their own identity and feel quite different from the original game. So today we are going to highlight ten Friday night funkin mods that make it feel like a whole different game!

ten Shaggy

vs shaggy friday night funkin

Inspired by the different flavors of memes circulating the internet that focus on Shaggy’s power to Scooby doo, the Shaggy mod is particularly difficult, with several tracks that will test even the most skilled players.

However, rather than just presenting difficult graphics, this mod fundamentally alters the way the game is played, forcing the player to use additional keys rather than the four normally used, making it a truly different game.

9 Friday night funkin with Parappa

parappa the rapper level

It’s no secret that one of the greatest inspirations for Friday night funkin was the classic of the PS1 rhythm game, Parappa the rapper. Well with the FRiday Night Funkin ‘with Parappa use it Friday night funkin‘engine to recreate multiple songs from Parappa.

Go to recreate directly Parappa visuals in the Friday night funkin‘artistic style alongside the original songs, all fans of Parappa the rapper are sure to love this mod.

8 Black sheep

black sheep friday night funkin

Black sheep is an incredibly unique mod that builds on the basic premise of Friday night funkin and spins it in a totally different direction. While the majority of mods tend to focus on a player’s rap battle opponent, Black sheep removes the background and characters, removing everything on the screen except the arrows.

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However, rather than keeping things static, it distinctly moves the arrows around the screen, repositioning itself in various ways to the beat of the music, making it feel like an entirely new rhythm game.

7 Sunday, Tabi and VS. Big Brother

While Friday night funkinIt’s traditionally an arcade style game that focuses on the player kicking off and playing immediately, the Sunday, Tabi, and Big Brother mods basically spoil that formula.

While these mods continue to use some of the same characters as the base game, such as Boyfriend and Girlfriend, it features voice and story-driven conversations rather than the raw gameplay that fans of the game may be into. regulars.

6 friday night funkin but bad

friday night funkin fnf but bad ms paint mod

Friday night fun but bad is a hilarious mod that basically recreates the entirety of the original game, but using very low quality, low effort means.

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With intentionally sloppy visuals, graphics, and music, the mod is an impressive parody that somehow manages to make it seem like little to no effort has been put into creating it, while still having a relatively huge reach. for most mods.

5 Mini golf game

As indicated by his name Friday night funkinMini golf game mod uses original game engine to create mini golf game.

Although small in scope, this mod does away with the traditional Friday night funkin‘, removing the arrows entirely to create a game of golf that uses rhythm and audio cues to form a mini-game of golf.

4 Friday Night Funkin ‘With Guns

Another simple yet hilarious mod, as the name suggests, Friday Night Funkin ‘With Guns is Friday night funkin‘but with weapons.

Replacing the characters’ microphones with guns and their voices with gun sound effects, this parody replaces the original Week 1 rap battle with a fast-paced shootout.

3 SiIvagunner Mod

siivagunner mod friday night funkin

For those who are not familiar, SiIvagunner is a Youtube channel based on posting edits or “rips” of various video game songs, and remixing them to make them sound like other songs he wants. be it songs from other games or pop songs, it all makes for hilarious effect.

While the channel has produced several editions of Friday night funkin‘songs, as these changes are made they are added to an ever-changing mod that makes those changes actually playable. Rather than being a linear experience, playing the SiIvagunner mod is a lot like watching the channel, with each song full of surprises and the player never knowing what’s to come.

2 Event X

chara friday night funkin x event

Event X is a mod that is strongly inspired by Subtitle, featuring characters and sound effects straight from the game, while featuring new and original music.

The game distinctly offers an RPG-style overworld like the one found in Subtitle it really helps to sell the bridge between Friday night funkin and independent play. While the mod is quite difficult, this difficulty feels rather comfortable in a game-based mod known for the difficulty of some of its bosses.

1 Friday night Funkin, but it’s a workout

Friday night Funkin, but it’s a workout is a mod that uses visuals and music straight out of Lisa: The Painful.

Specifically featuring the Work Harder track, this mod runs Friday night funkin” from a rap battles game to a practice-based rhythm game filled with references to Lisa. While short and straightforward, this hilarious mod really makes it feel like it could have been a mini-game in Lisa and is perfect for fans of the game.

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