10 Telugu Christmas Songs To Add To Your Playlist Today


Christmas is marked by Christmas carols and songs, which make the celebrations soothing and joyful. They are in fact the backbone of religious offerings. Families and friends get together and get into the rhythm of the holidays, ringing the bells of memories and best wishes for the days to come. However, listening to a Christmas song or carol in your own language has its own flair. While we must have heard of the regional versions of the famous “Jingle bells” or “Silent night”, there are also countless numbers of original Telugu Christmas songs. Joining the grandeur of Christmas celebrations, here is your chance to hear 10 touching Telugu Christmas songs.

Here are the 10 Telugu Christmas songs. The following compilation includes songs, Christmas carols and moving musical prayers, all of which are in Telugu.

# 1 Dootha Pata Paadudi

# 2 Bethlehem Lo Sandadi

# 3 Vinthaina Thaaraka

# 4 rare chuthamu

# 5 Thurpu Dikku Chukka

# 6 Thaara Velisindi

# 7 Vinthaina Thaaraka Velisindi

# 8 Chukka Puttindi

# 9 Sandhadi

# 10 Rajulaku Rajanta

Hope you liked these 10 Christmas songs. Send good wishes your way on this festival of joy. Merry Christmas to you and your family! We hope this holiday season brings you peace, prosperity and all the gifts you could want!


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