10 Weird Al Yankovic Songs That Should Be On Bizarre, According To Twitter


Music biopics have become a hugely popular trend, with famous musicians such as Elton John getting the cinematic treatment. Bizarre: The Story of Al Yankovic, aims to satirize these often melodramatic films, with a fictionalized depiction of Weird Al Yankovic’s life story. The eccentric comedy singer has developed a rich catalog of parody music, which deserves to be featured in the biopic.

The film’s trailer sparked a lot of discussion about which songs to feature, with many fans offering their views on which lyrical compositions Daniel Radcliffe should cover. Twitter, in particular, voiced their suggestions, as they enthusiastically discuss the music they hope to hear in the film.


ten Hardware store

“Hardware Store” is one of Weird Al Yankovic’s wackiest creations. This quirky musical number left fans asking for its inclusion in Weird, with the @Strictlybull Twitter poster reading “we could see how much he [Daniel Radcliffe] does the hardware store.”

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This song turned out to be so difficult to sing that Al Yankovic refuses to perform it live (via Cleveland). The musical composition requires the performer to recite his many words at a ridiculously fast speed, which would pose a considerable challenge for Daniel Radcliffe and could lead to an impressive performance from the British star.

9 White and nerdy

“White And Nerdy” is Weird Al’s most successful release, peaking at number nine on the Billboard Hot 100 chart (via Ars-Technica). This viral sensation has developed an enthusiastic following, with Twitter’s @LinkToo declaring “Hope they do Amish Paradise and White And Nerdy.”

“White And Nerdy” formed an extremely important part of Al Yankovic’s career. The song is Yankovic’s first single to reach platinum status (Via Vulture)with his Dungeons and Dragons references – which featured some of the coolest dragons – capturing the interests of listeners.

8 Amish paradise

“Amish Paradise” is a particularly fun outing from Weird Al Yankovic. This witty tune is a neat satire of Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise,” with Twitter’s @amandaaalpoel expressing her desire for a “blow-for-blow remake” of its music video.

The gloriously silly “Amish Paradise” video would provide plenty of comedic opportunities for Daniel Radcliffe. Weird Al’s outing features a satirical take on the Amish community, as he engages in various old-fashioned techniques for common household chores.

seven Eat it

Nicknamed the “King of Pop”, Michael Jackson is considered one of the greatest artists, according to Ranker. His hit song “Beat It” is hilariously satirized with Weird Al Yankovic’s “Eat It,” which left Twitter user @TyRawrrnosaurus hoping to see Daniel Radcliffe “re-create Eat It.”

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This catchy number features some of Weird Al’s best gags as it references popular food brands like Captain Crunch. The music video mimics Michael Jackson’s swagger in a humorous way, which would give Daniel Radcliffe plenty of material to send off the late ’80s music icon.

6 word crimes

“Mandatory Fun” contains many infectious tracks, with one of the album’s biggest hits being “Word Crimes.” This striking song sparked the interest of @Cheri_Renee, who says ‘I’m offering her 2014 song ‘Word Crimes’.’

This fun version emphasizes the importance of correct grammar, with the song instructing listeners to “learn the definitions of nouns and prepositions”. The potential addition of music could bring a lot of humor to the biopic, with Daniel Radcliffe lambasting individuals with incredibly poor grammar.

5 It smells like Nirvana

Film and television have featured some of the best uses of Nirvana songs, with The Batman, in particular, making good use of the group’s vast catalog. Weird Al Yankovic posted his own tribute to the iconic rock band, with Twitter’s @ChrissaTodd1 asking that “maybe Smells Like Nirvana” feature in the biopic.

“Smells Like Nirvana” is an affectionate nod to the band, with the track sending out their “mumbles and screams” during their recordings. Kurt Cobain’s reaction to the satirical number is an iconic aspect of Weird Al’s career, making it a perfect time to recreate the biopic, with Yankovic recalling how “sweet” the Nirvana frontman was when he asked Kurt what he thought of the parody (via Far Out Magazine)

4 Weird Al Show theme

Al’s Weird Show has generated a sizable following over the years, with many fondly remembering the TV show as a child. Twitter’s @mitchkusek wants the series included in Weird, commenting “I hope he can sing Al’s Weird Show theme.”

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Al’s Weird Show was a particularly turbulent television production, with its crew running up against the often unreasonable demands of the CBS network (via rolling stone). These creative differences between Weird Al and CBS could make for some truly dramatic sequences, with the musician reluctantly forced to compromise on his artistic mindset for the TV series and its theme.

3 polka face

Lady Gaga has created some of the best original songs for movies, with Top Gun Maverick featuring one of his greatest creations. Weird Al Yankovic delivered a truly unforgettable take on one of the pop sensation’s tracks, with Twitter poster @RadNFTV asking for “Polka Face” to feature in his biopic.

This megamix perfectly captures the quirky nature of Weird Al’s accordion music, with its unique sound bringing new life to songs like Lady GaGa’s “Poker Face” and Britney Spears’ “Womanizer.” “Polka Face” would provide great levity for the film, with Daniel Radcliffe taking the bright and breezy number.

2 laundry day

“Laundry Day” acts as a very effective satire of The Offspring’s song “Come Out And Play”. Weird Al’s pleasant tune has impressed fans since its release, with Twitter’s @cobygreif hoping for its addition to Weird soundtrack, claiming to be “a big fan of Laundry Day and Fat”.

Weird Al’s song perfectly sums up the banality of doing laundry. “Laundry Day” would help add a layer of relatability to Daniel Radcliffe’s Al Yankovic, as the comedy singer introduces an all-too-familiar daily chore to movie audiences.

1 Some original songs

Weird Al Yankovic’s musical career showcased the star’s vivid imagination, with his lyrical pieces carrying many vivid images in the minds of listeners. It left viewers desperate for his biopic to include new material, with Twitter’s @ParaCetaAV hoping “Weird Al writes songs for it.”

Adding original material would be an exciting creative choice for the film, providing Al Yankovic’s first new parody since 2018. It would offer audiences the chance to hear songs they’ve never heard before, using put Weird Al Yankovic’s expert comedy skills to good use.

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