5 Features We’d Like To See Return (And 1 We Don’t)


One of the best things about animal crossing games is the fact that players can enjoy the world they have cultivated in real time, watching the days turn into nights and the seasons change as the year progresses. With each passing hour, the serene and charming background music changes subtly.

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The hourly music of the last episode of the series, New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch, is slightly different from older games while still being nostalgic. Due to the addictive nature of the games, enough obsessed gamers will probably have had a taste of each of the twenty-four tracks.

ten 5 a.m. no regrets

The music at 5 a.m. is happy and almost hopeful. It perfectly encapsulates the atmosphere of being awake at 5 a.m. playing animal crossing. The hope is that this insomniac player has nothing to get up for the next day, so that game time can be spent chatting with villagers and decorating the island with no regrets.

The cute piano riff sums up the meaning of collecting items ready to sell the next day when Nook’s Cranny opens again. Seeing that many players have fallen into a animal crossing rabbit hole during the pandemic, this music, in particular, brings back memories of empty days for many.

9 The magic jazz of 1 a.m.

This late-night track is jazzy and slow-paced. The steady beat of the trombone melody could almost put players to sleep if they weren’t so busy paying off that all-important house expansion loan or bridge.

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There’s something quite magical about 1am music, which is what makes it so likable. At this time of night, another side of the player islands comes to life as streetlights come on and fireflies come out to do their nightly dance.

8 6:00 p.m. for hungry gamers

Early evening is perhaps one of the best times to play animal crossing, and the main reason for that is this laid-back song. Many nine-to-fives can relate to the feeling of coming home, crashing into the squat, and hearing that sweet, peaceful tune after a long, stressful day.

The 6 p.m. music is a dinner tune for hungry gamers and also a tune that could easily induce an awfully timed nap. Players should also listen carefully to the prologue music playing softly in the background of this warm hourly track.

7 11 am is a song for the weekend

This piece is perfect for a relaxing weekend. It practically screams day off, with fun, smooth guitar playing. It’s one of the few tracks that doesn’t loop after just 30 seconds. Instead, 11 AM loops seamlessly after about a minute. That’s not the only reason he’s special, though.

The relaxed and warm nature of the 11 a.m. music eases players into the rhythm of animal crossing, sums up the mood of the series well for beginner players. There is absolutely no rush here, where island life consists of listening to the rustling of trees and watching the ocean waves roll in and out.

6 2am for night owls

This melody is for the late night animal crossing players. The slow tempo transcends time, the perfect soundtrack for nighttime terraforming. Building the perfect waterway or cliff can take time and discipline, and this peaceful track encourages players to breathe deeply and enjoy the process.

Soft acoustic guitar and shakers allow the track to wander, perfectly matching the grassy footsteps of the game. Sad but positive, the 2 a.m. music could work just as well as the credits music, retracing a summer well spent.

5 4 a.m. plays waiting for a new day

4 AM is one of the funkiest tracks on animal crossing‘s hourly tunes. It’s a mix of the widely hated 3 a.m. and the unanimously beloved 5 a.m., blending the golden beauty of the sunrise with a sleep-deprived and probably confused headspace.

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If players load the game at 4am, it will not count as a new day, so they will have to wait until 5am. Therefore, this air can be a source of discomfort for some early risers or those with a disorderly sleep schedule.

4 7:00 PM for sprawling sunsets

An evening song, 7 PM is more catchy than other hourly tracks. The soft timbre of the keyboard and bass seem to capture the breathtaking sunsets in animal crossing, marking the slow end to another busy day.

It’s a nice track to take a stroll around the island, where players can admire their progress so far, possibly catching up with villagers and making adjustments if needed. Players should beware though, as this stuffing also raises the alarm for stray tarantulas or scorpions.

3 11 p.m. is the Stargazing soundtrack

This time of night happens to be the perfect time for stargazing and making all the important wishes. If players are lucky, they might also be able to pick up a useful DIY recipe from Celeste.

Some fish and bugs only come out one night, so depending on player schedules, it’s always a good idea to play a bit later at night to attempt a full museum. The sleepy, synthesized funk of 23 PM is a great song to focus on fishing and bug-hunting, while most of the villagers have been hiding for the night.

2 5 p.m. is for golden hour

This has got to be the most upbeat and groovy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons hourly music. This effervescence is embodied in the amber hue of the golden hour that carpets the island.

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The majority of gamers are likely to load up the game at this time when homework and work are all done and dusted off. This feel-good piece signals the shift from the mundane everyday life to the liberating joy of island life.

1 12:00 p.m. is butterfly time

Many players have spent the last thirty or so minutes collecting moths only to find that Nook’s Cranny is closed for the day, all with this lonely track playing in the background. In the latest update, however, players can apply for a Night Owl Order to keep stores open much later than usual.

For those with work to get up the next day, the song 12 AM signals the unfortunate hour when it’s time to log off and go to bed. That doesn’t spoil the beauty of the song though, which is thoughtful and creative, earning its place as the best song on the Animal Crossing: New Horizons soundtrack.

Animal Crossing: 5 features we would like to see come back (and 1 we don’t)

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