7 New Hari Raya Songs By M’sian Artists To Add To Your Playlist


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Part of the excitement of ‘balik kampung’ is singing along to your favorite songs. Since it’s Raya’s week, everyone would have lined up their favorite tracks to accompany them on the long drive home.

However, this can quickly get old and boring, especially when the playlist repeats itself.

If you’re looking for something different from the usual, why not mix up the Raya playlist a bit with some of these new songs?

Here are some of Raya’s new songs, in no particular order:

1. SOG x Shila Amzah – Seikhlas Hati

Local rock band SOG and Shila Amzah have brought Malaysian listeners a new rock n roll song Raya. Most netizens welcomed this single take, and loved the flute solo right in the middle of the chorus. While it certainly surprised some who are more used to traditional Raya songs, Seikhlas Hati definitely brought a different level of energetic Raya vibes.

2. DOLLA x Hael Husaini – Suara Lebaran Kita

Local all-female band DOLLA are popular for their edgy sounds and styles. So it’s no surprise that Suara Lebaran Kita intrigued listeners when it first aired. Despite this, netizens appreciated that the song is versatile and accessible to all Malaysians who have not been able to celebrate the festivities over the past year. Suara Lebaran Kita brings a different joyful energy to the festivities with her upbeat and catchy tune.

3. Yonnyboii, Luca Sickta, Kmy Kmo, Abubakarxli, Siqma, ASYRAF NASIR – Rap Der Raya

Rap Der Raya gives a laid back yet happy vibe which will definitely make coming home calmer and happier too. You will wish the traffic jam would clear up as the song is about getting ready for the Raya festivities with your loved ones.

4. Kmy Kmo, Luca Sickta, Siqma, Asyraf Nasir and Yonnyboii – Balik Kampung (Remix)

Universal Music Malaysia has given a remix to the evergreen song Raya by the late Datuk Sudirman Arshad. Several local artists have given the iconic song a hip hop twist, with a rearrangement by rapper Luca Sickta.

5. Man Bai – Kau Ilhamku di Hari Raya

Man Bai’s Kau Ilhamku has been a hit so far since its release in 1995. For this year, the song has been updated via a mashup with Saloma’s Selamat Hari Raya. Having two iconic songs in one is definitely a treat for listeners of all ages. The mashup is produced by producer and singer-songwriter Amylea Azizan.

6. Bunga Isme – Cerita Kita Bersama

Musical accompaniment by Cerita Kita Bersama gives the spoken word performance a rap quality. Local rapper Bunga Isme’s heartfelt rap song sets the tone for a meaningful celebration this Raya. The song was inspired by her memories of Ramadan and Hari Raya celebrations and encapsulates the importance of family ties and a myriad of emotions.

7. Nana Sheme – RAYA

RAYA sums up balik kampung’s excitement after being under MCO for the past two years. The song also evokes a sentimental mood because the Sarawakian singer herself is that Raya abroad.

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