a-ha Announces New True North Album For October 2022 Release, Shares New Song And Video “I’m In”


a-ha Announces New True North Album For October 2022 Release, Shares New Song And Video

Norwegian synth-pop band a-ha have broken their hiatus for the past few years to announce an upcoming new album titled True North. The release of the project is scheduled for October 21. In promotion of the new album, a-ha released a new lead single and music video “I’m In”.

For this last album, their first album since 2015 Cast steel, intends to be a unique part of the synth-pop band’s discography. Rather than just an album, True North is intended to be released with an accompanying film documenting the recording of all the songs, which originally took place in November 2021 in Bodø, Norway.

In a statement, Paul Waaktaar-Savoy described the process of creating this latest project, explaining that “First, we had the idea to record a live studio session… Then, to film a studio session This turned into a production with the Norwegian orchestra, the Arctic Philharmonic, who we collaborated with.These details and more will be available on the next film for True North. See album cover for True North underneath

Lead single “I’m In” gives fans not only the chance to experience their first track from the new album, but also the new movie, with Bans choosing to use a snippet from the movie as the official music video for the song. A very sweet and uplifting song, the band’s acoustic guitars and piano create a beautiful backdrop for Morten Harket’s emotional vocals.

The track’s songwriter, Magne Furuholmen, explained that it was “a song about total commitment and a show of support for someone who is troubled. True commitment is an act of faith. Everyone knows how hard it can be to offer unconditional commitment and support, but that’s what it takes to make something worthwhile happen – love, friendship, change, self-improvement, careers, a better world. Easier said than done, of course, but it starts with an attitude and then speaking the words. After that, it’s hard work to realize the potential of your engagement in the world. Without this attitude, everything becomes bogged down in contradictory thoughts, doubts and fear. Just say it, “I’m in.”

Watch the official music video for “I’m In” below.

True North is available for pre-order here. A limited-time deluxe version of the project can also be pre-ordered here.



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