A Knives Out Mystery chose the perfect Beatles song for its title


Unlike “Knives Out,” which takes its title from a Radiohead track, “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” stole the first half of its title from a Beatles song. The song, “Glass Onion”, appears as the third track on the iconic rock band’s acclaimed 1968 album, “The White Album.” At just over two minutes, the song features numerous references to previous Beatles tracks, including “Strawberry Fields Forever,” “I Am the Walrus,” and “Lady Madonna” (via Genius).

The references were all intentionally thrown into the song by John Lennon, who wanted to confuse any listeners who had made a habit of retroactively adding deeper meanings to many Beatles lyrics. “I was laughing because there had been so much gibberish about ‘Pepper,’ play it backwards and you’re standing on your head and all that,” Lennon said in 1970 (via JohnLennon.com). The song is therefore about the sometimes misguided struggle to discover the truths hidden in certain works of art.

All that to say, it’s hard to think of a movie that “Glass Onion” would serve as a better title for than Rian Johnson’s sequel to “Knives Out,” which promises to send Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc looking again for finding the truth hides behind a tangle of various clues and red herrings.


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