Album Review: Jamie Drake – New Girl


Album Review: Jamie Drake - New Girl

Heal your inner child

Release of his second full album new girl on June 10, artist Jamie Drake creates a touching and intimate tale about her recent journey with healing her inner child. With witty lyricism and impressive mastery of minute compositional detail, Drake’s album is a smash hit in the indie pop genre this summer.

“Beginnings are always difficult; I never know where to start” are lyrics that echo in Drake’s second track. While it may seem like a simple statement at first, the way Drake is able to methodically weave his thoughtful lyrics into the songwriting is of masterful quality. The corresponding track “Beginnings” explores this melodic statement by countering the first time the lyrics are spoken with numerous backing instruments. In contrast, the melodic line is repeated over and over as the piece continues until the final end with the instrumentals disappearing, leaving the listener with a final vulnerable acapella statement to digest at the end of the song.

An immediate standout on the album in the second track alone is the self-titled “New Girl” which features a syncopated percussive beat and accompanying guitar instrumentals that specifically sample ideas from Bossa Nova music. The beat of this song is consistent and has a dance-like feel that will have listeners rocking in their seats. Even still, the lyricism is just as tightly woven into the track. In the song, Drake recounts that growing up she never felt out of place as she moved around the United States growing up saying, “I’m all alone in a crow, that’s how it is. as it always has been. It’s like I’m somehow trying to never really fit in. she describes as she ages how she still faces the same insecurities she encountered as a child, something that largely concerns many young adults. With lyrics like these in his songs, it helps listeners easily relate and connect to their own experiences while listening, which is a great musical strength to have.

Although some of the slower, more personal tracks are not as popular as his more upbeat songs, as noted earlier, their structure is able to mesmerize listeners with Drake’s use of melodic suspensions and that’s where that his lyricism takes center stage. For example, in the track “Is There Something Wrong With Me?” Jamie Drake is able to bring elements of existentialism, nihilism, self-doubt, and desperation into his work, which makes Drake seem to sing straight to the soul. With the ebb and flow of countering a song with a faster tempo and stronger instrumental timbre with a piece that is more intimate and close, the two types of songs stand out from each other. Another similar song that tugs at the heartstrings is “When John Drake Died”. With the use of suspensions, the solemn lyrics add dissonance and help bring out the melancholic vibe that Drake is looking for in these tracks.

Overall, it is clear that new girl was methodically crafted by Jamie Drake’s impressive understanding of how to create intimate music. She explores how to learn to find yourself and learn to heal in an ever-changing world. Compared to his debut album, Drake’s growth in both songwriting and lyrics is evident, and it shows no signs of slowing down.



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