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Disney+ Ms. Marvel may have been hit or miss for viewers, but it definitely included bops, especially in its end credits scenes. So we have duly compiled a list of all the songs that have graced the end credits of Ms. Marvel. The first season of the MCU show revolved around Kamala (Iman Vellani), a Pakistani-American teenager from New Jersey who unlocks powers through a family legacy, which allows her to live her dream of being a superhero. While the series is full of music from all corners of South Asia, the end credits tracks tended to tie into the overall theme of the episode or show for the most part.

“Rozi” by Eva B — Episode 1

Episode 1 ended with a Pakistani rapper Eva B‘s”Rozi“, a feminist song about hard working women. The title “Rozi” stands for livelihoods and the rap song is an inspirational anthem to learn from mistakes and make your mark in the world. Although Kamala does not become Ms. Marvel out of financial obligation, the song still nicely encapsulates the struggle and courage it takes to be something big, which fits the heart of the series and is a great way to kick things off.


Eva B is a rising rapper who is known for her distinctive veiled look which contrasts with South Asian expectations of rappers. Her biggest hit so far is “Kana Yari”, a song in her regional language Balochi, which was released in 2022, which makes her Ms. Marvel debut the icing on a very good year for Eva B.

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“Peechay Hutt” by Hassan Raheem, Justine Bibis and Talal Quereshi — Episode 2

Coke Studio is a Pakistani singing program that has featured many of the region’s top artists and released some great tracks. Anyone looking to get into South Asian or Pakistani music should hit up Coke Studio. The second Ms. Marvel credits, “Peechay Hutt“, is a great modern example of Pakistani music today. The EDM-Pop track features up-and-coming artists Justine Bibis (who rose to fame with a viral video of them singing “Baby” by justin bieber and aptly named their band in his honor), as well as music producer Talal Quéréshi and the current teenage obsession, Hassan Rahim.

The dance floor is an ode to Generation Z, talking about the new generation replacing the old and a good sign of what the series hopes Ms. Marvel will become in the MCU, now that the older generation of heroes (Captain America , Iron Man, Black Widow) are all complete.

“For Aisha” by Memba with Evan Giia & the Nooran Sisters — Episode 3

This song ends episode 3 of Ms. Marvel where Kamala began to interrogate her great-grandmother Aisha (Mehwish Hayat) of identity and how her story connects to Kamala’s new powers. “For Aisha” is a song from the Bollywood film The sky is pink and presents artists Memba with Evan Giia and the Nooran sisters assist them. Memba is an EDM group from New York, and they are aided in “For Aisha” by Indian vocalists Nooran Sisters and fellow New Yorker Evan Giia. “For Aisha” is an empowerment anthem, but with the song title mentioning Aisha and the lyrics including lines like “golden dust glistens on my feet, they laid me down and the sky turned pink” , it’s clear to see why this song was chosen for the superhero series.

“Up Inna” by MIA – Episode 4

You can’t do a show about a South Asian woman without starring MIAone of the biggest South Asian hitmakers in the world, and luckily the Disney+ series manages to drag MIA to a music producers song Cadence and GuiltyBeatz on a house title titled “Inna. “MIA isn’t heavily featured on the track, but its inclusion in the series feels necessary. While the DJs behind the track are less traditional, MIA has found success through songs like Travis Scott“Franchise” by , as well as his own tracks “Paper Planes” and “Bad Girls”.

“Tu Jhoom” by Abida Parveen & Naseebo Lal — Episode 5

Coke Studio, the famous Pakistani music platform, is still present in the Ms. Marvel series of ‘Peechay Hutt’ in the end credits of the hit of the summer, ‘Pasoori’ in episode 4 based in Karachi. But the series wisely chooses to end “Time and Again”, the fifth episode of the series with “You Jhoom“, a folk song sung by two legendary Pakistani crooners, Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal, who join forces for the first time on the track. Parveen is considered one of the greatest mystical singers in the world and is a maestro of Sufi music, a genre of devotional Islamic spiritual music. Parveen has received some of the highest honors in the country and his music has won him an international following. Naseebo Lal is also revered for her folk music in Pakistan. The powerful song was the beating heart of Pakistani music in 2022, so Episode 5’s song is a great addition, given how amazing the song and its two lead singers are.

Ritviz’s “Aavegi” — Episode 6

The first season of Ms. Marvel to end by “Aavegi“, a song by Indian singer-songwriter Ritviz Srivastava known by his stage name, Rivitz. The showrunners of Ms. Marvel are clearly fans of the musician, given that his songs have appeared on the show three times, along with “Aavegi”, “Thandi Hawa” and “Sage” all appearing at various times throughout the show. The end credits of the series are essentially about the power of manifestation and belief, and the fact that this is just the beginning of the journey. It’s clearly a fitting way to cap off the titular hero’s first season, with the song promising more.

It should also be noted that not only Ms. Marvel a superhero with a costume and confidence at the end of the first season, but she also learned that she was sort of a mutant too. It also fits with the song’s message about the limitless possibilities in store. The song is both romantic (appropriate given the plethora of suitors for Kamala in Season 1 alone) and adventurous, tied to the overall ending of the first season.


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