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Mumbai: A man from Bandra (W) has filed a complaint with the police after he was traumatized when he learned from his wife that six men standing outside their house were sending his transformed nude photos on WhatsApp. Bandra Police said a delivery man learned that the six had attached a note with the transformed image saying that person had taken out a loan and had not repaid it on time.
The photo with a humiliating text was sent to WhatsApp groups, his family, relatives and friends. “The team is collecting information based on Shaikh’s complaint against Shaheen Mansoori, Anish Shaikh, Shehzad Shaikh, Tariq Qureshi, Sheru Shaikh and Afzal Khan. A search is underway for the accused. People have been repeatedly warned not to take loans from these apps because they harass people for non-repayment and charge high interest,” a police officer said.
Shaikh, who was in need of cash on April 23, decided to take advantage of the quick app loan for Rs3,500 and Rs2,500. Shaikh said, “As I had a financial crisis, I opted for the loan based on the application and the repayment term was fixed in one week (April 30) after using the loan on April 23. But I was supposed to get my salary after the second of every month and the problem started on April 29 when I got calls from loan app executives threatening to slander my name if I didn’t repay by April 30 with interest.
A police officer said Shaikh learned that his photo had been altered by his wife after he returned from prayers on May 3. The six.

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