Banks don’t ask for money to give loans

AMB has indicated that it does not contact users to process or issue credits on behalf of other institutions. Photo: Getty/Illustration

Mexican Banking Federation (AMB) has issued a fraud alert stating that neither the consortium nor the bank is asking you for money to grant you a loan. Neither treat, guarantee, insure or sections.

Via its Twitter account, AMB reminded that it does not contact users in any way to process, manage, grant or issue credits on behalf of other institutions. “If they do, be careful, it’s a Danger!,

Likewise, he pointed out that before availing any credit, the user must ensure that the institution offering the loan is approved by the Financial Services Providers Registration System (CIPRES).

Don’t be fooled by the speed of Express Credit

In the case of express credit, called on people not to deviate from the “projected pace” at which some companies extend credit; Likewise, they should never provide personal information or make payments if they do not identify the financial institution; It is also important to compare all possible credit options.

Alert for non-essential express loans

In this regard, the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Financial Services Users (Condusef) has also issued an alert concerning credit management companies that offer express loan If any requirements, such as verifying income or consulting the applicant’s credit bureaus.

According to the federal agency, these types of companies act as managers to various financial or commercial entities and provide loans through advertisements to a population ranging from two thousand pesos to five million pesos. NewspaperVolentio, TelephoneOn the Internet pages, or even via social networks.

once people ask CreditThese companies first require a deposit of about six percent of the total debt for management and administration fees, bonds, or insurance.


Subsequently, the company claims that Credit Without reaching its final delivery, the advance payment is being authorized. Many disappear or change names, so you cannot find them.


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