Besnard Lakes share fuzzy new song “Superego”


Besnard Lakes share fuzzy new song

Canadian rock band The Besnard Lakes have shared a new song called “Superego”. The group, which has an affinity for shoe-gauze trends and atmospheric production techniques, decided to turn the fuzz up in this new track.

“Superego” is a wall of sound with intentionally muddy instrumentation and intoxicating lead vocals. This track abandons dynamism in favor of an amorphous and dreamy mix. The instruments blend together and create a buzzing euphoria. Smooth drums combine with a buzzing bass that has been manipulated with a pedal. Olga Goreas’s voice on this track wanders melodiously into the verses before bursting into an echo-filled chorus where the singer harmonizes with overlapping tracks. The music video for the song features a hazy journey through an indistinguishable night landscape.

The group released a statement detailing the background to the track. The song “tells the story of Oggy’s childhood fascination with the appearance of fireflies.” The group mentions that the title of the song is a reference to Freud’s superego and that there is “a kind of angelic ideal in everyone”. The song also makes heavy use of the Superego guitar pedal.

The Besnard Lakes were originally formed in Montreal in 2003. Formed by the husband and wife duo of Jace Lasek and Goreas, they are joined by Kevin Laing (drums), Richard White (guitar), Sheenah Ko (keyboards) and Robbie MacArthur ( guitar). The group is known for its multifaceted and expansive sound that incorporates many genres such as indie rock and post-rock and has received two Polaris Award nominations.

In January, the group released The Besnard lakes are the last of the major thunderstorm warnings. This project is a progressive rock masterclass that features massive and impressive song structures. The band performed special renditions of songs from this album in their April livestream.

In August, Pop Montreal announced the lineup that will take the stage later this month. SUUNS, The Besnard Lakes, Cadence Weapon, Backxwash, Cakes da Killa, Vanille and The Dears are some of the artists who will be performing at the hybrid festival.



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