Billie Eilish Belfast: What’s the set list for the ‘Happier Than Ever’ tour


Multi-award winning singer Billie Eilish performs at the SSE Arena on June 3, kicking off the European leg of her tour.

The 20-year-old is heading to Northern Ireland on Friday as part of her ‘Happier than Ever’ world tour.

With major hits such as “Bad Guy” and “Ocean Eyes” propelling the singer to worldwide fame when she was just a teenager, Billie Eilish will undoubtedly provide a must-see show.

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Here is the set-list planned for his SSE show:

What is the “Happier than Ever” tour setlist?

This setlist is representative of the show in Pittsburgh on February 8, 2022 – it is subject to change:

  1. “Bury a Friend”
  2. “I haven’t changed my number”
  3. “NES”
  4. “So I am”
  5. “My Strange Addiction”
  6. “I don’t want you anymore”
  7. “Attractive”
  8. “You should see me in a crown”
  9. Billie Bossa Nova
  10. “Golden Wing”
  11. “Halley’s Comet”
  12. “Oxytocin” (contains an excerpt from “Copycat”)
  13. “Ilomilo”
  14. “Your Power” (with Finneas)
  15. “Male Fantasy”
  16. “Not My Responsibility” (interlude)
  17. “Overheated”
  18. “Stomach ache”
  19. “Eyes of the Ocean”
  20. “Bored”
  21. “To get old”
  22. “Lost cause”
  23. “When the Party’s Over”
  24. “All the Good Girls Go to Hell”
  25. “All I Wanted”
  26. “Bad boy”
  27. “Happier than ever”
  28. “Goodbye” (outro)

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