Chastity Brown to release new album ‘Sing To The Walls’


A pandemic, riots and racial reckoning provided the soil for a mind-blowing piece of love to be planted. The first single Wonderment will be released on April 15.

As the daughter of a blues musician, Chastity Brown was born with an innate ability to channel complex circumstances into beautiful, uplifting songs. But after surviving the isolation of the first pandemic and witnessing the global racial judgment that manifested itself in the riots just blocks from her south Minneapolis home, even she is surprised to hear the way his new album Sing To The Walls turned out.

“It’s a love album, in a way that I didn’t expect,” Chastity said.

Like so many artists who endured the uncertainty of the 2020 lockdown, Chastity’s instinct was to look inward, first out of self-preservation, then because new songs kept coming. arrive. Since the end of her last album, Silhouette Of Sirens in 2017, she estimates that she has written almost 100 new songs, 10 of which ended up on Sing To The Walls.

These songs unfold with Chastity’s expressive vocals and expansive melodies, drawing the listener through intertwining tendrils of atmospheric sound. Even the titles hint at the album’s upbeat sense of nostalgia, from the dreamy opener “Wonderment,” to its ode to healing a broken heart after the breakup “Curiosity,” to the thrilling promise of “Hope “.

With the exception of “Golden,” a searing indictment of white complacency and a cathartic outing of post-uprising rage that comes halfway through the album (and was released in pre-mid-2020 form). ), Sing To The Walls is ultimately an album about hope, connection and love; an ode to the sweetness of life, even in the midst of a pandemic, even in a city that has suffered so much.

“I think that’s a bold response,” says Chastity. “Like how funk music came after Malcolm, Martin, and everybody was murdered in the 60s. Then the 70s came, and there was funk! It’s not funk, but it’s rooted in the same kind of response I just want to feel good.

The album began in Stockholm, Sweden with revered drummer and session producer Brady Blade, with the rest completed in Chastity’s own home studio with longtime drummer Greg Schutte. Additional production and mixing was done by Chris Bell in Austin, Texas.

For the first time, Chastity also served as lead producer on some tracks and co-producer on all. “I was just like, ‘why can’t I do this?’ Maybe that meant everything took longer, but it was like, ‘Where am I going anyway?’ The way I’ve been working since the start of the pandemic, in terms of writing, arranging and composing, I’ve never been more productive. Whatever life is on tour, I always want to setting aside time to write. I’m addicted to it. . And it’s so cool,” she says.

Sing To The Walls is an expansive sound album; it taps into the roots of American, folk, and soul music, but Chastity’s stories are delivered in a remarkably current, modern, and cutting-edge style. “I celebrate the emotional richness of tradition, but in my music I am committed to reaching out and reflecting the experiences of those who are ignored by tradition.”

In the same way, his words seek to bridge a great divide. “I’ll sing for these walls, hope it passes / And I’ll sing for your scars, they need healing too,” Chastity sings on the album’s title track, a pandemic love song about breaking through barriers. physical, emotional and social barriers that have been built around all of us in recent years. On the next track, “Like the Sun,” she bursts into a melody that rises like a great sunrise over the prairie – a heartbreaking moment that demonstrates her talent for expressing big, beautiful ideas in her music and for creating songs. who radiate happiness.

Even amidst the chaos of the times, while delivering the verses of “Golden”, she remains steadfast. “I get joy even when I’m a target, if you think it’s political don’t get me started,” Chastity sings, demanding to know, “Why do I have to be mad?”

Between writing sessions, she vibrated with avant-garde and laid-back artists like Leon Bridges, HER, SZA and Daniel Caesar, taking their cue from them to expand beyond the genre and its folk/roots history to encompass his appreciation of all forms of black American musical art. “I also want to be interested in what the blues is,” recalls Chastity. “There’s a lot of stereotyping, like he’s only played by blue-eyed white people now. But what about Bessie Smith and Ma Rainey? I feel so closely connected, in a bloodline pure and unwavering, to the legacy of being a black, queer blues woman. I want to share this music with them, to say that I listened, and that I did something new.”

“This album is not about heartbreak,” Chastity says bluntly. “And in this way, I try to emulate the personal spiritual fulfillment of Zora Neale Hurston, seeking God, while rejecting expectations. What matters to me is my survival – and my survival , it was necessary to try to embrace a little joy.”

Tour dates

11/05/22 – FERNDALE, MI – The Magic Bag***
05/13/22 – CLEVELAND, OH – Beachland Ballroom and Tavern ***
05/14/22 – COLUMBUS, OH – Athenaeum Theater ***
05/15/22 – INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Hi-Fi ***
05/16/22 – BLOOMINGTON, IL – Castle Theater ***
05/18/22 – CHICAGO, IL – Old Town Folk Music School ***
05/19/22 – MILWAUKEE, WI – Turner Hall Ballroom ***
05/20/22 – MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Pantages Theater ***
05/21/22 – IOWA CITY, IA – Englert Theater ***
06/03/22 – EUSTON, UK – Red Rooster 2022
06/06/22 – LEAMINGTON SPA, UK Temperance
06/08/22 – LONDON, UK – Green Note presents The Water Rats
06/09/22 – NOTTINGHAM, UK – Cosmic American at The Running Horse
06/10/22 – BRADFORD, United Kingdom – Music in the hall of St. Georges Hall
06/18/22 – ARLINGTON, IL – Hi Nonny
06/20/22 – ANN ARBOR, MI – The Ark
06/21/22 – BUFFALO, NY – The Ninth Ward
06/22/22 – SYRACUSE, NY – The 443 Social Club & Lounge
06/24/22 – PHILADELPHIA, PA. – Philadelphia Folk Song Society
06/25/22 – BOSTON, MA – City Winery Haymarket Lounge
06/26/22 – BROOKLYN, NY – The BKLN Atlantic
Date with Lilli Lewis**
06/28/22 – RICHMOND, VA – Tinplate Casserole **
06/29/22 – DURHAM, NC – The Pinhook **
06/30/22 – LA GRANGE, GA – Pure Life **
07/01/22 – DULUTH, GA – Red Clay Music Foundry**
02/07/22 – ATHENS, GA – Hendershots**
03/07/22 – NASHVILLE, TN – City Cellar Show **
05/07/22 – DES MOINES, IA – xBk


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