Cordae taps Eminem for new song “Parables (Remix)”


Em helps rework a Cordae song released in 2020.

A surefire way to make it into the Top 20 on the Genius Top Songs chart is to have Eminem on your song. It worked last month for Dr Dre, and today it’s paying dividends for Cordae, who enlists Em for “Parables (Remix)”, on his brand new album. From a bird’s eye view. The song is a revamp of Cordae’s 2020 track “The Parables,” a featureless affair about learning hard lessons.

“Parables (Remix)” opens with the same two Cordae verses heard on the original. The rapper begins by expressing his regret for the crimes he used to commit with the help of a distinctive persona. three-wheeled Yamaha motorcycle.

I’ve seen shit in my lifetime, my light is shining
Protect your poison energy when the python strikes
My first mistake was flying on Niken bikes

The verse ends with a now dated reference to NFL wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Earlier this season, the three-time Pro Bowl player was waived by the Cleveland Browns. He might not be the first broad you’d think of screaming these days.

Glock, no security, Plaxico, I could shoot myself
They catch balls like two Odells, and, nigga, you gon’ say it
But listen

In the hook, Cordae calls his efforts to free his brother Simba, who was sentenced to 24 years for armed robbery.

I can tell you the time I signed a contract for twenty bands
And I used that shit to get my bro out the box, let me tell ya

The second verse digs deeper into how Cordae almost took the wrong path. He used to rob people for their Jordans, but he soon realized that messing around in the streets would get him nowhere.

First and foremost, for every door that opens, a door closes
Beat a nigga, take his Bordeaux, upgrade my wardrobe
And God knows living like this takes a short road
A dead end, or jail time, where we were headed

Eminem sticks to the theme of overcoming adversity on his verse, a showcase for his fast-paced wordplay. He begins by reminiscing about how, as a young rapper, he dreamed of nothing but being featured in the hip-hop magazine Source, which would reward “five mics” for killer albums and promote new talent in the “Unsigned Hype” column.

I’ve seen shit in my life, at some point I
I still remember how much I wanted ‘5 mics’
My biggest dream was just to make it an Unsigned Hype

A little later, Em smartly checks out the name of the Beat Pill portable Bluetooth speaker in a pair of lines connecting his struggles with addiction and his frequent tag-teams with Dr. Dre, whose company Beats Electronics made the Beat Pill. The lines also allude to Eminem’s 2009 album Relapse.

I relapse, I think I can’t stop eating Beat Pills
And Doctor DRE keep giving me refills

“Parables (Remix)” is a song about personal growth, and Em takes stock of how far he’s come with a Michelle Obama joke that shows he’s still kind of the same old man.

I was painfully shy, now I’m proud of myself
Like Obama’s kids, I came out of my shell (Michelle)

Over time, Em offers more memories of his difficult early years. In a heartbreaking line, he recalls his mother kicking him out of the house on a freezing Detroit night — an event he also talks about on his 2013 song “Headlights.”

I already told you, about the holes in my Pony shoes and my Rustler jeans
When it was mom, little brother and me
I told you ’bout, be kicked out at 20 degrees, no money to eat

As a guest on Cordae’s remix of “The Parables,” Eminem is repaying a favor from last year, when Cordae featured alongside Jack Harlow on a remix of Em’s “Killer.”

You can check all the lyrics of “Parables (Remix)” on Genius now.


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