Elon Musk Reflects on Grimes’ Song About Him, “Games Player”


It’s safe to say that pop star Grimes can create her own reality in ways others can only dream of. Now raising two children with Tesla co-founder Elon Musk, Grimes continues to turn social media misunderstandings into new artistic endeavors, including futuristic tracks for his next album, Book 1. Read on to learn more about the never-boring world of Musk and Grimes, including the true inspiration behind the popular song “Player of Games.”

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Grimes revealed her second child with Elon Musk in dramatic fashion

Journalist Devin Gordon couldn’t know exactly what he was getting into when he recently sat down with Claire Boucher, better known as Grimes, for the April issue of vanity lounge. While Grimes’ unique lifestyle isn’t particularly surprising, he was nonetheless shocked midway through the interview by a sound he recognized: the clear cry of a baby.

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Instead of an Instagram or Twitter post announcing the arrival of another child between Grimes and Musk, Gordon discovered the well-kept secret seemingly by accident. Once the secret was out in the open, Grimes finally spilled the beans, telling Gordon that after a rocky first pregnancy, Grimes and Musk had a second child with a surrogate.

Their child’s name also suits the offspring of two very different visionaries. Born last December, Exa Dark Sideræl Musk is the official name of their baby girl, although Grimes and Musk call her “Y” for short. Y also works very well with his brother X, whose original full name of X Æ A-12 did not comply with California law. According to page 6X’s name was officially changed to X AE A-XII to circumvent restrictions.

Musk on ‘Games Player’

The music video for “Player of Games,” released the same month Y was born, sparked a lot of questions for fans and critics alike. While social media speculators assumed it was about the couple’s breakup, the song instead refers to Musk dropping a bombshell on Grimes. Fully pregnant with X at the time of the song’s inspiration, Grimes recalls being shocked when Musk announced he was planning to leave for Mars in about 10 years. “Could we do 20?” Grimes remembers asking Musk.

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Not a song about a conniving relationship killer at all, the song outlines Musk’s mission to transform humans into an interplanetary species within our lifetime — a vision that includes colonizing the Red Planet. Musk added his own version of the song in an additional conversation with Gordon, an interview in which he called a few minutes before midnight in a self-driving Tesla. “It wasn’t new information,” Musk told Gordon, adding, “I had been saying since before she got pregnant that I was going to Mars.”

Providing a more literal take on the song, Musk pointed out that he actually enjoys playing intensely cerebral strategy games, although the song appears to have nothing to do with the couple’s initial breakup. Right after the Vanity Fair piece, however, Grimes tweeted that they actually broke up again, even though she still called Musk “my best friend and the love of my life” while remaining committed to Musk’s mission to Mars.

How her relationship with Musk affected Grimes’ career

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More than a typical boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, Grimes and Musk seem to have a totally unique shared experience that allows for personal space and time away from each other. For Grimes, that means devoting her attention to her two young children but also finding time to Book 1, a science fiction-themed album set thousands of years in the future. The album’s inspirations are also hugely telling, as they seem to trace his own personal experience alongside the richest man on the planet.

Although Book 1 Set in the future, Grimes’ inspirations include Anne Boleyn as well as Athena and Calypso from Greek mythology, highlighting his concurrent passion for history. “They weren’t just hot girls,” she told Vanity Fair. “They were the smartest girls, some of the most educated women of their time.” And yet, she continued, “There is this weird rejection from them. They’re some of the most interesting characters in the story to me, and they’re so belittled.

It is impossible to miss the parallels with his own experience; despite being a chart-topping musician, Grimes is often added as an unstable complement to Musk simply because of his extreme wealth and fame. But for Grimes, the backlash against her simply becomes fuel for her art. She even mentioned that her new album is likely to have an allusion to Amazon and Blue Sphere founder Jeff Bezos, who Investopedia list as the second richest person in the world. As Bezos and Musk advance through space and beyond, Grimes continues to use his music to travel to dimensions far beyond even their reach.

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