Everything you need to know about ‘Despacito’ boy Luis Fonsi


Luis Alfonso Rodríguez López-Cepero, better known as Luis Fonsi, is a singer of Pueryo who is famous for many songs, but more particularly for “Despacito” which also features Daddy Yankee. The 43-year-old singer became a global singer after the release of the hit song ‘Despacito’, released in 2017.

Here’s everything you need to know about the international singer.

  1. Luis Fonsi’s youth

Born April 15, 1978, Luis Fonsi was only ten years old when he moved to Orlando with his family where he pursued his passion for music, playing guitar, vocals and piano. The Puerto singer, songwriter, artist, musician, Soap Opera actor and TV actor won a full scholarship to Florida State University School of Music in 1995, where he continued his major in vocal performance. Soon enough, Universal Music Latin got him to sign a recording contract and the singer quickly released his first album in 1998.

Comenzare (I Will Begin) received both critical and commercial success which quickly pushed the singer on the path to success. Luis Fonsi will soon release seven more studio albums and tour the world. The song went on to reach No. 11 on Billboard’s Best Latin Albums. This was followed by another hit album named “Eterno” in 2000. The singer from Puerto also collaborated with Christina Aguilera for a single from her album. Some of his other famous albums include Abrazar la Vida, Amor Secreto, Paso a Paso, 8 and Tierra Firme. But it wasn’t until the release of his hit hit ‘Despacito’ that Luis Fonsi rose to the top of the Latin Billboard charts.

A remixed version of ‘Despacito’ starring Justin Bieber was dropped in April 2017, which also reached No. 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100, after which the song became the first numbered song on the list which also received the maximum of views on YouTube, bringing in over 3.5 billion views!

Luis Fonsi

“Despacito” has gone down in history

Released in January 2017, ‘Despacito’ has become one of the most essential hits of the year. Along with Daddy Yankee, the track topped the charts in 50 countries, including an unprecedented run in the US Top 40 for a track in Spanish. In August, the track became the most viewed video on YouTube!

The video has received over four and a half billion views and the number has only increased. It is also one of the most listened to songs in history. It was in April when Justin Bieber reached out to Luis Fonsi to compose a remix version of ‘Despacito’ and all the singer did was add a few verses in English to add to its texture. This only extended the reach of the song worldwide.

The Grammys

At the Latin Grammy’s held on November 16, 2017, Luis Fonsi won both Record of the Year and Song of the Year. The remix version of ‘Despacito’ won the award for best urban fusion / performance. The track was also nominated for Record of the Year and Best Duo / Group Pop Performance for the Grammy Awards 2018. On the other hand, the original version of ‘Despacito’ was nominated for Song of the Year.

If ‘Despacito’ won the Grammy for Song of the Year, it would go down in history as the very first Spanish language to do so! With the exception of Justin Bieber’s intro, the remix version is almost entirely in Spanish. The word ‘Despacito’ means slow, but the track’s incredible meteoric rise and cross-appeal have been quite the opposite.

Some interesting unknown facts about Luis Fonsi:

  • At the start of his career, Luis Fonsi was a bandmate with Joey Fatone in a band called Big Guys
  • Luis Fonsi also collaborated with Ne-Yo and Afrojack
  • When Christina Aguilera released her very first Spanish album, Fonsi recorded a duet with her
  • Fonsi recorded “Amazing” with British singer Emma Bunton of Spice Girls for her 2004 album “Free Me”. That same year, he appeared in the Mexican television series Corazones al Limite.
  • In 2005, Fonsi’s album Paso a Paso was certified Disco De Platino for shipments of 200,000 units in the United States. The single from the album titled Nada Es Para Siempre ‘also peaked at No. 1 on the music charts and was nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards.
  • Fonsi’s fifth album ‘Abrazar la Vida’ peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Top Latin Albums and was certified Platinum by the RIAA
  • In 2017, her song ‘Echame la Culpa’ debuted at number three on the Hot Latin charts.

Hurricane Maria – The Recovery Effect

The now popular “despacito” video was shot in La Perla, which is a historic Puerto Rican slum that Luis Fonsi had been planning for some time to help with the improvement process before Hurricane Maria hit the qualifying island. Category 4 storm in September.

After the unfortunate event, Fonsi said in an interview that it is a beautiful, vibrant and colorful neighborhood. La Perla has always been in desperate need of help and finding and always wanted to donate a music room, but as La Perla was pretty much devastated and gone, the situation looks devastating, he said. he adds.

In October, the Puerto singer enlisted some of his famous friends including names like Nicky Jam, Ricky Martin, Chayanne and others to travel with him to the island where they collectively helped deliver water, a generator, food, clothes and baby items. .

Luis Fonsi’s personal life

In 2006, on June 3, Luis Fonsi married actress Adamari Lopez in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. However, the couple quickly announced their separation in November 2009, as they finally officially divorced in 2010. After the divorce, Fonsi married Spanish model Agueda Lopez in Napa Valley on September 10, 2014. They have a daughter named Mikaela, born in 2011., December 20. The couple also have a son named Rocco who was born exactly after five years on December 20, 2016.


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