Finnish Musician Gets COVID-19 Vaccine While Wearing Stage Outfit, Wins Internet


As the coronavirus pandemic shakes the world, people flock to the vaccination center to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Since the beginning of the vaccination, the governments instill all the ideas to promote the vaccination campaign. With a similar intention, a singer of the Finnish hard rock band, ‘Mr Lordi’ had reached the vaccination center to get the second vaccine. However, her unique concept of visiting the center with her stage attire caught people’s attention.

According to the official Rovaniemi City Facebook page, a 47-year-old man, Tomi Petteri Putaansuu, known as Mr. Lordi, came to the vaccination center to get the second dose of the vaccine dressed in his uniform. scene. to educate people.

Watch the video here:

The official page for Rovaniemi, a city in Finland, shared some photographs of the Metal Band singer with the caption “Mr. Lordi who received another vaccine” has gone viral on social media platforms. He also shared footage of a man who came to the vaccination center donning a Santa Claus costume, which also went viral. Reacting to the post, the Finnish musician told Finnish news site Yle that his tours were constantly postponed due to the coronavirus and that is why he thought it would be a good choice to use the time for something. good thing.

The unique creativity of a Finnish musician wins applause from internet users

However, netizens are engaging with the social media platform quickly and have filled tons of comments appreciating the singer’s creative movement. “Honestly, it’s been a while since I’ve laughed so much at a tweet. Well done!” Read one user’s comment.
“Well, Rovaniemi, Finland is Santa’s village on the Arctic Circle, where families from all over Europe come to spend the day by plane so their children can ride reindeer sleds and tell Father Christmas whatever they want for Christmas, “reads the third user’s comment.
“I wonder, tho. Zipper in the sleeve? Cut a hole in the sleeve? Done through the sleeve, without disinfecting the arm?” wrote the third user.

Credit: @michaelcdeibert

Dinosaur gets COVID-19 vaccine in Malaysia

Earlier, a funny video surfaced in Malaysia with a dinosaur taking a hit at the coronavirus vaccination center with an awareness message that blew internet users up. The 2 minute creative clip was shared by Instagram user Kenny Sia with the caption “Vaccination Guide For Dinosaurs” garnered over fifty thousand views and hundreds of hilarious comments.

In the video, Sia donned the dinosaur costume and visited the COVID-19 vaccination center where he had hilarious moments with health and security personnel. First, he visited the vaccination center with the screen displaying the message “enter the vaccination center 30 minutes before the schedule”. As the video continues, Sia can be seen proceeding according to the vaccination protocols.

(Image credit: Rovaniemen kaupunki – City of Rovaniemi / Facebook)

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