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First Stream Latin is a compilation of the best new Latin songs, albums and videos recommended by the Billboard Latin editors. Check out this week’s picks below.

Virlan Garcia, “El Día Que Te Fuiste” (Sony Music Mexico)

Virlan Garcia doesn’t hold back on his new single “El Dia Que Te Fuiste” (The Day You Left). In the sincere fusion of sierreño and banda, Garcia reflects on being blinded by love and ultimately leaving the relationship. “Yes, sadness overwhelms me, yes betrayal hurts me, there are wounds his kisses left me / My body, my mind and my soul tolerated mistakes and I swore it was my fault,” he sings in the heartfelt track, later singing, “The day you left me, that day I was happy.” “El Dia Que Te Fuiste” Marks First Single From Garcia’s Upcoming Album Empezar de Nuevo, due in the fall. — JESSICA ROIZ


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Pablo Alborán, “Carretera y Manta” (Warner Music Spain)

Spanish singer-songwriter Pablo Alborán’s new single brings a message of positivity and celebration with lyrics that talk about how lucky you are to have good friends when it comes to overcoming bad times. Produced and written by Alborán, the catchy funk melodies come from a song he wrote when he was 12, but sound fresh and relevant. “A highway and a blanket / I can’t stop my heart / I don’t want to go ask for forgiveness / If it rains, let it rain / Some will leave, but the good ones will stay”, he sings in the tone honest. — INGRID FAJARDO

Doris Anahi, Learning by Las Malas (Mija House)

With intense melancholy, Doris Anahí sings it penas in his very first EP, Aprendiendo por las Malas (Learning the hard way). The manager-turned-singer delivered a beautiful and cathartic set of five neo-ballad tracks that come from a place of transition, discovery and acceptance. Primarily in Spanish with one song sung primarily in English (“It Wasn’t You”), the set is heavily influenced by boleros and rancheras, the music she grew up listening to in Los Angeles with Mexican parents. “This project is a learning capsule the hard way over the past few years,” she wrote on Instagram. “The necessary painful deaths that led to this rebirth that you are all witnessing in real time.” —GRISELDA FLORES

Dekko, “Byemalandra” (Interscope Records)

Dekko is having a heart attack and he expresses his feelings. “Byemalandra”, an uptempo dancehall, can attest to this. On his new track, the rising Colombian artist opens up about managing life after a breakup. “I know you party, you’re not a saint,” he says. Later chanting, “When I got addicted to you I swear I fell in love […] Let it go, I don’t think I’ll fall in love anymore. In the video, he also brings his mood to life as he enjoys a pool party with his friends, surrounded by many single women. —JR

Ricky Martin, To play (Sony Latin Music)

Ricky Martin’s follow-up to his Latin Grammy-winning EP Pause arrived without much warning. Title To play, the six-track set is every bit as deep as its predecessor, with Martin as vulnerable as ever in navigating love and heartbreak. While he said in 2020 that this second EP would be more “upbeat”, Martin stayed true to his pop ballad roots. The EP includes previously released singles such as the evocative ballads “Otra Noche en LA” and “A Veces Bien ya Veces Mal” which pair perfectly with the pop gems “Amordio”, “Paris in Love” and “Ácido Sabor”. . About his EP, Martin said: “Making music, selecting songs and sharing them with you is my passion. I have been doing it for 38 years and your reaction is, without a doubt, the motivation that keeps me going on this complex journey that is life. — GF

Yahritza and Su Esencia, “Nadie Sabe” (Lumbre Music)

Up-and-coming regional Mexican teen trio Yahritza Y Su Esencia blessed fans with a deluxe edition of their chart-topping EP Obsessed. The new set includes two new tracks: “Nadie Sabe” and “Estas En Mi Pasado”. The former is a more country song, a slight departure from their signature sad sierreños fueled by stinging guitars. The latter, “Estas En Mi Pasado,” sticks to its main sound with Yahritza’s tender yet commanding vocals taking center stage, injecting pathos into every lyric she sings. —GF

La Tukiti, “Sin Controversia” (ABM Records)

Dominican newcomer La Tukiti releases her new single “Sin Controversia”, a fun and catchy dembow fused with hard-hitting beats and powered by her unique freestyle and street-appropriate lyrics. Written by Antonio Vargas and produced by Wellington Acosta and La Greña, this track reinforces in its lyrics how La Tukiti conquered the genre with her exceptional talent. — IF


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