GOT7s Youngjae makes solo debut after 7 years with album ‘COLORS from Ars’ with 7 songs


Now the seven members of GOT7 have made their solo debuts with solo tracks or mini albums after leaving JYP Entertainment where the boys made their team debut seven years ago. The number seven means a lot to GOT7 and this is represented in the music released by the last member of the septet to release an album. On October 5, the latest GOT7 member Choi Youngjae made his solo debut with ‘COLORS from Ars’, as an artist under the direction of his new label, Sublime Entertainment.

Youngjae vibrated over the song along with other members when he released a teaser for the song and launched a challenge called #VibinChallenge where fans could participate and dance to the song before its release. To encourage fans to participate in the challenge, Youngjae met other GOT7 maknaes, Yugyeom and Bambam. The three of them danced to ‘Vibin’ with Youngjae among the other two members of GOT7 at the dance studio of AOMG Entertainments, Yugyeom’s agency. Youngjae also met his beloved frontman and rose to the challenge with Jay B to kick off his album release.


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Youngjae who goes by the pseudonym “Ars” released his first mini album with seven tracks, just like the Seven Colors of the Rainbow and the Seven Members of GOT7. The album was released on October 5 on all major music platforms while debuting on the US iTunes Albums chart at number 3. Two versions of “Colors from Ars” were released with the song “Vibin” as the title track.

The album is particularly important for Youngjae who worked on the album as a solo artist, writing the lyrics for all seven songs while composing the songs and arranging them with the help of other artists like Boytoy, Kuro, Peter. Hyun and many others. Since its release, ‘Vibin’ has gained a lot of attention for being a dance pop track with house beats.

The Younjae charts around the world

The song ‘Vibin’ debuted at age 17 on Genie’s new song chart and was placed at number 56 on Bugs’ new song chart in South Korea. The song is already proving to be a hit with “Vibin” in charts in 37 countries simultaneously while appearing at number 1 on the iTunes song chart in 16 of 37 countries. The album ‘COLORS from Ars’ ranked in 40 countries on the iTunes Album Chart while it took the number 1 spot in 22 out of 40 countries.

The song “Vibin” shows Youngjae describing his raw emotions of love as he vibrates to the beat of the beats without being cautious or careful about his actions. Watch the music video for the title song ‘Vibin’ here:

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