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Hoven Droven – Trad (Heilo, 2021)

Hoven Droven is one of the essential Swedish bands of the last decades. They popularized Swedish folk music with their superb mix of traditional music and rock. In 2021, the group celebrated its 30th anniversary with a fantastic album called “Trad”.

On “Trad,” you’ll hear the seductive high energy of rock drums and bass, along with the elegant masterful violin, fiery electric guitar, and jazzy saxophone blend. Additionally, the band also takes the listener into delightful slow-tempo waltzes with dancing violin intertwined with guitar and saxophone.

On the cover of our new album, we thank all those musicians who carried and still carry the tradition of Swedish folk music. They are the reason we do what we do. After 30 years together, we feel confident enough to name our new album “Trad” – short for “Traditional” – despite the fact that most of the songs on it are new compositions. Hopefully they will one day become part of the rich heritage of Swedish folk music that we ourselves draw inspiration from. We are very proud of this albumsaid Kjell-Erik, Jens, Björn, Pedro and Bo.

The lineup for this album includes Kjell-Erik Eriksson on the violin; Bo Lindberg to guitars; jens comen on the saxophone; Björn Hoglund on drums and percussion; and Pedro Blom on bass.

Author: Angel Romero

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