How Music Can Help You Succeed in Finals


It’s 1 a.m. the day before my mid-term assignment, which is worth 40% of my grade, is due. Scrolling through endless playlists on Spotify, I find the perfect playlist. Filled with adrenaline and good vibes, I am more productive than I have been in a while. I finally feel good about returning my paper.

Speaking with other students, I was surprised to find that this is a common experience. Which made me wonder, what makes music so useful when it comes to studying? Fortunately, the Daily Clog has some answers.

Puts you in a better mood

Let’s face it, studying can suck, especially when it comes to a difficult subject. If you add some of your favorite music in the background, whether it’s energetic pop or soothing classic, it helps you forget your worries and start studying.

It’s also more fun and exciting to study with music, which makes you want to spend more time preparing for this semester. When you spend time listening to music you love, you are much happier. I mean, who wouldn’t want Harry Styles as a study buddy?

Helps you stay motivated

Listening to your favorite tunes can help you complete your next hour of study. When you listen to music, your brain releases dopamine, a chemical that increases your motivation and promotes your goal-oriented mindset.

So if you’ve ever had a slump in your studies, put on some music to keep it going. You can also search for playlists that last the same time as the time you plan to study. This way you don’t constantly check your phone and get distracted.

Improves your concentration

The music blocks out unwanted distractions, like your roommate talking on the phone right next to you, letting you focus on what you need to do. It also engages your brain and ensures you don’t fall asleep while revising late at night. When you are alert, the tasks at hand can seem more manageable.

For some, listening to music with lyrics can be a little distracting, so it’s best to find what works best for you when it comes to studying. For me, I prefer listening to music with lyrics because it gives me something to listen to in addition to the instrumentals. Plus, it helps me stay awake.

Help your anxiety

As students, we are often stressed. Fortunately, the music in your ears gives you something else to focus on besides impending deadlines and upcoming exams.

Listening to music helps lower your blood pressure and therefore your stress levels. It can also help you think about the good memories you’ve had with that song in the past, helping you remember that there’s more to life than your upcoming quiz score. The next time you feel like pulling your hair out, putting down a playlist can help you calm down and be more optimistic while studying.

Now, when you pull out your flashcards to study, don’t forget to pull out your favorite reading list!

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