How to get the Romantic Weapon song in Lost Ark


The songs in Lost Ark are interesting mechanics due to their varied effects and how each must be collected. The Romantic Weapon song is one of more than a dozen options players can find while exploring the game. find.

There are different areas in the game to explore and plenty of quests. Although different songs have various uses, they collectively help in gathering items, completing quests, and earning collectibles.

Finding certain songs can be tricky if players don’t know the most efficient way to get them. When it comes to the Romantic Weapon song, there are different criteria that must first be met by any Lost Ark player.

Finding the Romantic Weapon Song in Lost Ark Can Be Done Effectively

There are certain prerequisites that players must meet. Unless the average item level is at least 600, the Romantic Weapon song will not appear. Once the minimum average level is reached, players will find the song in the right place.

Players must travel to the Yorn continent to find the Romantic Weapon song. The Continent has an Adventurer’s Tome, which players must complete to obtain the song. The Romantic Weapon song is available when players complete 50% of the Adventurer’s Tome.

There are several ways to achieve this percentage of completion. An easy way is to do the main story quest for the area. Additionally, players will also discover side quests that can help them achieve the required percentages.

There are various activities on the continent that players can engage in. Additionally, there are various monsters that players will encounter, indicated by skull symbols on their hands. Killing these mobs helps contribute towards getting the required percentage.

There are also pouches lying around the area that players should look to uncover. Some of them contain recipes that could be of great use later in the game.

Defeating the main boss is pretty important, although it can be tricky. When a player defeats Kohinoor, he gets several valuable rewards. Additionally, their progress towards completing the Adventurer’s Tome will also increase.

Advantages of the Romantic Weapon song in Lost Ark

The song of Romantic Weapon itself is quite melodious to listen to, and it is tied to the tradition of the region. However, it has more uses than just sounding good in-game. Getting the song helps increase rapport with the various NPCs in the area.

Additionally, the Romantic Weapon song also unlocks the Mokoko Seed location in the area. Mokoko seeds are of great use throughout the game, and knowing their location can help players a lot.

Therefore, the Romantic Weapon song is useful in an aesthetic and utilitarian sense. Obtaining the song can be a great help for Lost Ark players, although it is difficult for beginners to obtain.

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