How to Share Spotify Songs, Playlists & Podcasts with Your Friends


Found a great track or podcast on Spotify that you want others to hear? Here’s how to share anything on Spotify.

There is nothing better than stumbling across a song or podcast that you want to share with everyone. Not only can you enjoy it, but you can also brighten up someone else’s day. With Spotify, it’s quick and easy to share direct links to anything with the push of a few buttons.

You can also send someone a time link to a specific part of a podcast. This means that they don’t have to browse to find the section you’re talking about; Spotify will go directly to the point of your choice.

Here’s how to share anything on Spotify with your friends on desktop and mobile.

How to Share Spotify Songs, Playlists & Podcasts on Desktop

spotify copy song link

The ability to quickly share across different platforms on the desktop is limited, although it gets the job done. You get a link to the media which you can then send to someone else outside of Spotify.

  1. Access what you want to share; via the home page, search, your playlists, etc.

  2. To share an album or a playlist, click the button three horizontal dots at the top. To share a song or podcast, right click this.

  3. Click on To share.

  4. Click on Copy song link.

  5. Go to where you want to share the link, like WhatsApp or via email. Then dough the link. Your friend can then click on the link and they will cast the media on Spotify.

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How to Share Spotify Songs, Playlists & Podcasts on Mobile

On mobile, Spotify makes it easy to share with your favorite social apps. You don’t need to copy links if you don’t want to, although this option is still available.

  1. Access what you want to share; via the home page, search, your playlists, etc.

  2. Press the three points. It’s at the top for albums and playlists, or next to songs or podcasts.

  3. Faucet To share.

  4. Choose a social app like WhatsApp, Instagram, Where Twitter. This will automatically send the link to that app. Otherwise, press Copy link to put the link in your clipboard, which you can then dough somewhere else.

How to link to a specific timestamp on Spotify

Previously, it was possible to time stamp a song on Spotify and send it to your friends to skip to that point in the song. It worked using the Spotify URI and adding a time parameter. Unfortunately, this is no longer supported.

However, you can share specific timestamps on Spotify podcasts on mobile. To learn how, see our article on sharing podcasts with a timestamp on Spotify.

It’s time to share your Spotify finds with everyone

It’s as easy as sharing songs, playlists, albums, podcasts, and more with whoever you want, regardless of your device.

Why not ask your friends to share their playlists with you? Who knows what new favorites you’ll find!

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