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Jon Pardi hides his heartache behind a well-timed smile in “Mr. Saturday Night,” the title track just released from his upcoming new album.

“I feel like everyone wants to be ‘Mr. Saturday Night’ at some point on the weekend and have a good time,” the singer recalled. “But then you hear the song and – the way which it’s so well written – it’s a sad song, but you don’t go there right away, because it’s also a fun song.”

He adds: “That’s the thing with ‘Mr. Saturday Night” is more than meets the eye. It’s all fun until you get to the chorus.

A waltz steeped in steel and fiddle, “Mr. Saturday Night” is a mournful ode to all those who self-medicate their loneliness with booze and the occasional fling – then feel lonelier than ever come morning.

“So I buy a ride and turn it off and never go alone / But then Sunday comes and they get up and they go,” Jon sings in the chorus. “That’s why they call me Mr. Saturday Night / Mr. Always In, Mr. Never Missed a Good Time…”

Along with dropping his new song, Jon shared the full track list of Mr Saturday night, consisting of 14 songs. It includes the previously released singles “Last Night Lonely” and its Midland duet, “Longneck Way to Go”, plus a host of previously unreleased tracks.

Mr Saturday night due out September 2.

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