Kanye West Reveals ‘Donda 2’ Track List, Won’t Stream Album


Fans Apparently Won’t Listen to Kanye West’s New Album 2 on all streaming platforms. The rapper has confirmed that he will debut exclusively with music via his rod player device before revealing the list of the 22 songs of the album on Instagram a few hours later.

West said in a lengthy statement on Instagram that fans should get Stem Player, now in its second generation, “to be part of the revolution.” The Stem Player costs $200 and allows users to customize tracks by isolating different instruments and vocals on a song.

“I have the same feeling as when I first moved to New York to succeed in music,” West explained of his decision. “I don’t know what was going to happen, but I knew I had to move. After 10 albums after being under 10 contracts. I turned down a hundred million dollar Apple contract. No one can pay me to be disrespected. We set our own price for our art.

He continued, “Tech companies have made music practically free, so if you’re not sneaking and touring, you’re not eating. Jay Z created Tidal and fake media attacked him. Well in the words of my big brother. Pick me up. I’m ready to die on my feet because I don’t live on my knees anymore.

The album, which is slated for release on February 22, features songs whose titles include “Security”, “Get Lost”, Sci Fi” and “Candyland”.

Marilyn Manson, accused by more than a dozen women of rape, physical assault and mental cruelty, would appear on 2, according to producer Digital Nas. Last month, a rep for Manson confirmed that “Manson is continuing his creative collaboration with Ye.”

One person who didn’t make the cut for the album is Kid Cudi. “Just so everyone knows Cudi won’t be on donda ’cause he’s friends with you know who,” West wrote in a Instagram post since deleted. West also recently released the cover image of his joint with Cudi. Children see ghosts LP alongside an undated photo of him, Cudi, Timothee Chalamet and current Kim Kardashian lover Pete Davidson, who Kanye X showed off in the photo. “I just wanted my friend to support me, the knife goes deeper,” West wrote.

West will debut the album live at an event on 2/22/22 in Miami to coincide with the release of Wave 2. Billed as a listening party, the event will take place at Miami’s LoanDepot Stadium. two months later 2West’s expected arrival, West will take to the stage as the headliner of the 2022 Coachella festival.


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