KFC’s 86-song Spotify playlist touches fans


The Movement Control Order (MCO) had a negative impact on QSRs, especially those that relied heavily on dinner. Food delivery apps have also been another competition for QSRs, providing ease and convenience to consumers. Therefore, to prepare for the lifting of restrictions and the possibility of having dinner again, KFC Malaysia and Naga DDB Tribal knew the team had to do something eye-catching to grab consumers’ attention and bring them back to chicken. fried. . With this, the team created the KFC You Soon campaign, which won the Most Creative – Audio award at A +M’s MARKies Awards 2021. Find out how the team wowed consumers and our judges.


The first movement control order last March limited the dinner nationwide. During the lockdown, food delivery aggregators such as GrabFood and foodpanda rose to prominence, leveling the playing field for challenger QSR brands that traditionally commanded a much smaller store footprint. With consumers stuck at home and in search of something new, challenger QSR brands have turned to food delivery aggregators to gain market share through aggressive price promotions. Beyond food, KFC Malaysia has always focused on the on-site dining experience and as a result, this change made KFC one of the biggest losers.

Sales during the first MCO plummeted and KFC also faced an uphill battle to reduce digital voice share at a time when each brand was doubling its advertising. When it came time to reopen their stores, KFC Malaysia and Naga DDB Tribal knew the brand couldn’t settle for a functional ad even if it had the budget for a small campaign. In an environment still crowded with rebates from challenger QSR brands, KFC had to remind Malaysians of their emotional love for the brand. He wanted to treat the reopening less as an announcement and more as an event in itself if he hoped to win back his fried chicken lovers.


KFC and Naga DDB Tribal were inspired when their research revealed that one of MCO’s main activities was listening to music. Also, another main activity that consumers wanted to engage in after lifting the MCO was meeting friends again. Digging deeper on social media, the team landed gold when they realized that people missed KFC like they missed their friends. This inspired them to bring the store to life.

Instead of just announcing that KFC has reopened for dinner, the team sent consumers back to their stores with 86 songs for the 86-day KFC dinner ban. The team launched a Spotify playlist with a mix of songs like “I-miss-you-reviens-to-me” that showed how much KFC was missed by its customers. To attract people to the Spotify playlist, he launched a dedication music video showing KFC furniture, equipment and dispensers, which his customers missed so much, that he made a love playlist.

Original and fun, the campaign was designed with the intention of bringing smiles to consumers, just like KFC’s Original Recipe Fried Chicken.


To create the Spotify “KFC You Soon” playlist, the team began researching the songs that best expressed the “I-miss-you-come-to-me” feeling. KFC and Naga DDB Tribal have researched both classic and modern love songs, in all major languages, to make sure they resonate with all Malaysians.

He also tried to be inclusive by presenting songs in various languages, from Bahasa Melayu to Chinese and English, as well as songs from different generations. For the younger generation, tracks such as “All I Want” by Kodaline and “Talking to the Moon” by Bruno Mars were presented. To target the older generation, it featured tracks such as “Nothing Compares to You” by Sinead O’Connor and “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” by Aerosmith. Hip hop fans also received a treat as the team rocked them to Joe Filzow’s “Apa Khabar”.

Launched on June 16 of last year after the OLS was lifted, the Spotify playlist has been promoted with an MV on YouTube and cross-promoted on Facebook for easy discovery. The team also wanted to express the idea that KFC is missed by its customers in an entertaining way. He did this by turning the lyrics of playlist hits into dialogue, resulting in a dedicated MV featuring KFC furniture, equipment, and dispensers in a secluded KFC store. Each of them told fans of fried chicken how much they miss it through the use of popular and instantly recognizable song lyrics found on the Spotify playlist.


The campaign, which ran for two weeks from June 15 to 30 of last year, generated more than six million impressions and a 28% increase in brand buzz scores, according to the YouGov Brand Index. It also resulted in a 13% increase in brand awareness scores and a 66% increase in purchase intent scores. At the same time, KFC also saw these brand health metrics translate into actual sales, with a measurable increase in the number of current customers from 51.8% to 56.5% after the campaign.


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