Kodak Black wants Beyoncé to jump on one of her tracks, already wrote 2 bars for her


Yak only needs Queen B to sing him the hook, and he takes care of the rest.

Kodak Black is aiming high with its list of dream collaborations. In a recent session on the A million dollar game podcast with Gillie Da Kid and Wallo, the controversial Florida-born rapper revealed he had two bars ready and was waiting for Beyoncé to sing on his dream collab, leaving the rest of the track to her to handle.

“I have two bars for her. I want her to be just two bars,” Yak told the animators. When Wallo probed him to find out what the lyrics are in question, the 24-year-old started singing, “There’s pictures of your family and all our kids / Baby you already know you’re the only one who is missing.”

“That’s it, and I have the rest,” the ‘Love & War’ hitmaker said on the show. As HipHopDX points out, this isn’t the first time Kodak has hinted at its desire to work with the industry icon.

In April 2021, during a conversation with TMZ, he mentioned Beyoncé’s name while expressing his desire to work with the King of Canadian Pop, Justin Bieber. “You’re gonna tell Justin Bieber I got a song for him,” he insisted, adding, “I got a song I need Beyoncé on. I just need her to do it. two measures and I have the rest.”

While he has new music on his mind, Kodak fans have been busy streaming his latest arrival – a nearly starless 19-track project called back for everythingincluding a single appearance from Lil Durk on “Take You Back” — check it out here and let us know if you’d like to see Kodak Black and Beyoncé jump on the track together in the comments.



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