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This week’s new Dancehall and Reggae tracks brought out stars like Kranium, Jah Cure, Dexta Daps and even music veterans Tanto Metro and Devonte with a single they dubbed, tipsy gypsy.

Next-gen talents Skeng, Jahshii and Silk Boss also keep pace with appearances, while Shaneil Muir joins the roster with a powerful and uplifting ballad. black is beautifuljust like Tarrus Riley and Kabaka Pyramid with their collaboration Love alone.

Kranium- Wi Deh Yah

The Melody Gad Kranium sparked a sweet party vibe with the release of his new single We Deh Ya this week. Riding a shotgun in a red Ferrari with his buddy Tanto Blacks, the pair hit the streets of Miami in the music video where they find a few ladies to party the night away.

Jah Cure- blood in the water

Don’t let them know about you, not even where you sleep Embattled reggae star Jah Cure warns in new track Blood in the water. Watch the new video directed by Caio Silva and Elvira Waterval here.

Govana- Cranberry and White Rum

Under the influence of his Cranberry and White RumDancehall deejay Govana has released this new track along with a behind-the-scenes style music video showing how he and his team worked their way through the verses.

Tarrus Riley, Pyramid of Kabaka – Love alone

Tarrus Riley and Kabaka Pyramid have both set out to spread some love during these trying times. With all the hate that has spread through our communities, the two sing encouraging lyrics to listeners, “When I look at the world and the way we live All I see is trouble, you know I don’t give up, I still believe in one thing in Love Alone. It’s such a lonely road, but somewhere out there angels see your cry and feel your tears.

Silk pattern – Quick

In a Terro ChopCity Records and Outta Space Records production, Dancehall newcomer Silk Boss portrays a true Jamaican crime story in his latest single Quick with a living music video to bring the narrative to life (or death).

Tanto Metro, Devonte, DJ Jahmar – tipsy gypsy

Blast from past duo, Tanto Metro and Devonte have teamed up Mixmaster, DJ Jahmer for this new party banger to get you in the dance mood. Surrounded by a few flexible video vixens in the music video directed by Denni, the two Dancehall veterans take us back in time with their familiar sounds set to a trendy hip beat.

Shaneil Muir– black is beautiful

The new version of Shaneil Muir black is beautiful could not have come at a better time; Black History Month. The singer focuses on the qualities of black people around the world, using her melodious voice, melody and uplifting lyrics to remind us that black is truly beautiful.

Daps Dexta – Difficult day Difficult night

“I had a tough day, so you’re gonna have a tough night, get ready for a tough race Ladies Dexta Daps is back with another sweltering release and a sure-fire addition for your Dancehall slow-jam playlist – watch below.

Tee-jay – Feel it

The UpTop Boss can’t get the deals wrong; his new single Feel it takes us through his usual silky harmonies as he recounts another lusty bedroom encounter.

Jahshii with Kim Kelly – A God’s gift

Dancehall star Jahshii is in love in this new single A God’s gift. In a romantic exchange with new talent Kim Kelly, the DJ sings, “Baby you make my heart beat, girl you make my heart smile I love you and mi nah lie. Listen more here:

Skeng– rain like hail

Skeng’s rain like hail – as he says, is his new track “gun man”: “Gunman, so I’m doing this confidentially, a real gunman, ah, we’re shooting on the island. Deh yah Skeng Don and I sing the gun song and I really don’t care who doesn’t like My entrance. Mi ne bad and ah nuh coincidence Watch the new visuals directed by Shane Creative here:

Jahmiel- Lifetime

With the help of directors XTreme Arts, Jahmiel brings us scenes to tell the story of when he fell in love with his real estate agent. As she shows him around the house of his dreams, the Patriotz Boss quickly falls in love, imagining him in every room and space of the property. Watch more here:

Chronic law – Corrupt

The Law Boss can’t seem to shake off the darkness in which his heart lives. The new single Corrupt details the challenges he faces trying to maintain a relationship with his daughter but fails miserably. “What is my heart, or what my heart? It’s gone cold

Rytikal- Luxury

Focused on the luxury of life, Dancehall artist Rytikal says he’s “I have to make money” and won’t go home without her in this new track.

Baika – Killa in real life

Dancehall newcomer Bayka says “Ah uptown ah fiwi gang” but don’t get me wrong, it’s a “Killa in real life » in his new single, released a week. From acts of extortion to “shooting up nine night”, the young talent tells a great game.


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