Lady Gaga’s Best Songs, According to the Official Charts Team


We don’t envy Lady Gaga, you know?

With her Chromatica Ball world tour finally ready to kick off in Duesseldorf on July 17, she faces the nearly impossible task of crushing a 14-year-old catalog in a single show. And with 27 UK Top 40 singles to its name – from Just Dance to Hold My Hand – it’s perhaps the most polarizing topic amongst fans.

Is it Time to Retire Phone? Can we expect to experience these voices from Enigma live? Does ARTPOP already get her flowers?

Well, since we’re nostalgic, the Little Monsters of the Official Charts team thought they’d revisit their favorite Gaga tunes. Here are the songs we would like to see on the setlist.

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George Griffiths – Personal Editor

5. The Remedy

I believe Gaga couldn’t have gone back to her roots with Chromatica if she hadn’t forced herself (and I think she forced herself) to release The Cure first. We have a lot to thank her for.

4. Perfect Illusion

I will forever be a Perfect Illusion apologist. This production! This key change! Better than he had a right to be.

3. Schiesse

Nope, you memorized the German gibberish of this song when you were 15.

2. Just dance

Some artists wait their entire career for a moment as kinetic as “RedOne, Konvict, Gaga (oh-oh-ay)”.

1. Alexander

It’s just a perfectly done song. The production oscillates from ABBA to Ace of Bass without ever losing its innate Gaga-ness.

Carl Smith – Editor

5. Sour Candy (with BLACKPINK)

Like a proud BLINK and Little Monster, I was worried how this song would live up to expectations. I shouldn’t have been. Gaga’s harsh delivery juxtaposed with BLACKPINK’s sickly-sweet verses? Delicious.

4. Dreams sexxx

Even watching Sexxx Dreams’ very first performance on a dodgy 480p Apple Music Festival stream in 2013, I was in awe. It’s that dirty, industrial 80s bass to me.

3. So happy I could die

There’s something about Gaga claiming she’s “so happy I could die” in the most melancholic way atop an icy instrument that just came from speak volume.

2. Heavy metal lover

The perfectly polished antithesis of Poker Face, this Born This Way cut sounds almost…unfinished. The master even gives mid-2000s ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest’ 128kbps radio rip; not that I’m crazy about it. This ethereal electro bop will forever remain one of my favorites.

1. Paparazzi

For me, Paparazzi embodies the beginning of the Gaga era and The Fame. This relentless and desperate determination to become a name at all costs. A song that totally captured the zeitgeist as tabloid culture hit its peak of toxicity.

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Ross McNeilage – Social Media Producer

5. Rain on Me (with Ariana Grande)

One of the only great female pop singles of the century that managed to capture the true emotional power of ’90s dance-pop anthems. improve over time.

4. Dance in the dark

Possibly the weirdest bad relationship ending banger ever, Gaga’s Vogue-inspired bridge may be questionable, but it still fires.

3. Boys Boys Boys

The gay awakening song! It’s criminal that such a catchy song with such a thrilling bridge didn’t get the pre-Paparazzi summer single treatment. “We love them!”

2. Pork

Am I the pig? Still obsessed with Gaga’s frenetic, sometimes English delivery on this dance floor exorcism.


A ridiculously camp and raunchy affair featuring his most thrilling middle eight and Zedd’s greatest production. Also his best music video! Long live ARTPOP!

This all comes after Gaga recently took to Twitter to explain why she’s so “grateful” to be back on stage.

Referring to her hip injury sustained during the Born This Way Ball tour in 2013, Gaga wrote: “There was a time when I thought I would never go back on stage. I was so sad that I couldn’t even dream of anything but a painful nightmare. I overcame my nightmare with love, support, trust, truth, bravery, skill and dedication. I am so grateful. I will see you in BABYLON. #ChromaticaBall”.

So here is. It was hard. What do you think of our lists? Flagrant omissions? Let us know about Twitterif you want.

Images for the article: Lady Gaga/Norbert Schoerner


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