Lil Durk’s diss track Ahhh Ha and NBA Youngboy Beef explored


Chicago rapper Lil Durk seemingly dissed fellow NBA artist YoungBoy in his latest single Ahhh Ha.

The allegations of a beef have been around for a long time, even though neither rapper has publicly acknowledged any bad blood between them.

Before going back and forth in their diss tracks, they even collaborated on the song My side (2017).

Here’s what we know about Lil Durk’s latest single in which he appears to respond to NBA track YoungBoy Bring the hook.

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Lil Durk apparently responds to NBA Youngboy

Lil Durk released the official music video for Ahhh Ha on Tuesday, February 22 after a snippet of the song was posted on social media.

Some rap fans believe the song is Lil Durk’s response to his alleged feud with NBA YoungBoy. The latter’s song, Bring the hook, seemed to mention the death of King Von and it looks like Lil Durk has something to say about his late friend.

As fans know, King Von was signed to Lil Durk’s label Only The Family and Empire Distribution.

In Ahhh HaLil Durk raps, “Niggas actin’ like they really like it since my bro died (Von) / I just took out the feds, you talkin’ murders with your police a**.”

HITC has reached out to Lil Durk and NBA YoungBoy for comment.

Lil Durk’s Latest Single Comes After YoungBoy Allegedly Mentioned King Von While Rapping Bring the hook: “N****, this Squid game, the O-Block pack is rolled up / Murder what they told us, Atlanta boy fold / N***a get your hoes up, these female dogs throwin’ green flags / Throw this NBA, for me, prepare you to break your ass / And know that I keep this bag of murder.

Rappers’ Beef Explored

The reason behind Lil Durk and NBA YoungBoy’s alleged feud might have something to do with their close circle of friends.

As reported by TMZ, King Von was shot and killed after an altercation with associates of Quando Rondo, who is signed to YoungBoy’s Never Broke Again label. TMZ reports Quando Rondo is not being investigated in King Von’s death and police consider the case closed.

However, Quando Rondo at talked about his close circle of friends and how his bond with YoungBoy led others to dislike him.

In an interview with Angela Yee for Complex, Rondo noted: “People don’t like us because they know we don’t fuck with anyone. If I feel like I need to do a song with a year, I’m going to do it with [YoungBoy]. We have a lot of problems because we are not with open arms.

We hope that the artists will solve their problems – if there are any.

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