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How did you feel watching gqom become an international phenomenon?

It felt like we could do more than that, it gave hope to GQOM producers in the townships.

What ideas did you bring to your EP “Art Is Talking”?

i) The idea is to say that art needs someone humble and creative.

ii) It explains from every sound how you tell yourself through the universe.

iii) ‘The Underdog’ can sometimes become a ‘Superman’ but you must ‘Phola’ (cold, relaxed, calm or humble).

Art itself strikes its creator, as when you strike a thief from your home with an “Ipani” (saucepan), life can do so too.

It is fixed by inspiration or creativity, by removing some things that made you not even try to be creative like “Bush Makheninkha” (grass/bushes/forest cleaner).

Remember that the music industry can take your life away from depression. I don’t want to go into details… just listen to it: ‘Wave Frequency’. Not only to hear and memorize the rhythm, but also to understand the sound pattern of the journey.

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Can you tell us about your playlist?

What I have selected on this playlist are people who have always made the original sounds of GQOM. Only the few who still make an effort to be more creative than ever. Art is so important that you have to be loyal. It engages your soul in the spiritual world of reality.

You know, as artistic audiences, we listen to understand after being misunderstood by people who love and listen to music just for fun. Sometimes it can feel depressing, heartless, or hurtful. Things like these tend to become spiritual after going through all the suffering.

I hope you enjoy my selection of Spotify playlists to understand why? !

‘Art is Talking’ is out now via Maloca Records, get it here

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