Listen to the new Cleveland Guardians team song “We are Cleveland” performed by all local artists


CLEVELAND, Ohio — Listen up, Guardians fans. Your team has a new song to go with their new name.

On Wednesday, the club debuted “We are Cleveland,” a catchy, driving rock track highlighted by its pulsating drum line, piercing guitar riffs and soaring vocals. The track can be described as having a bit of everything, but mostly it’s 100% Cleveland.

“We are Cleveland” was produced and performed by an all local artist lineup, and was recorded right here in Cleveland for use as the soundtrack in Guardians Park and on the team’s broadcast platforms.

Click here or on the YouTube player above to listen to the song.

The lyrics include references to a “216 family” who will “stand up for this city” while remaining “loyal and strong”, all of which are ideals the club has set out to reinforce within the community through its brand revamp.

After announcing the team’s name change from Indians to Guardians last summer, officials sought a new song to connect the city, the club and its fans. Replacing “Tribe Time Now”, the track the club has been using since 2006, they needed to create music that was both meaningful and functional.

The team turned to local rockers Sam Getz and Jimmy Weaver, founding members of Cleveland-based band Welshly Arms. The duo, themselves born decades ago into Cleveland’s sports fandom, jumped at the chance to produce music they hope can become part of the very fabric of the ballpark.

“To have the chance to produce a song that could accomplish what [Tribe Time Now] done, but for the next generation, it’s really cool,” Getz said. “It’s really an honor for us.”

Guardians executive vice president of marketing and branding Alex King said it was important for the club to bring together a diverse group of musicians and voices to reflect the Cleveland community.

“Music is such a powerful art form for storytelling and, in keeping with the core values ​​behind our team’s new name – loyalty, resilience and pride,” King said. “We are committed to making Clevelander and our city’s personality the central theme of the song.”

Court Berry-Tripp, the Guardians’ director of communications and player relations and a rock music enthusiast himself, helped coordinate the project between Getz, Weaver and the club. He said the track manages to satisfy the team’s needs for broadcast purposes while maintaining an organic quality that remains authentic to Cleveland.

“It’s not an easy thing to do, but they hit the mark,” Berry-Tripp said.

Getz and Weaver produced the song at Blakwall Studios on the west side of Cleveland and licensed it through Los Angeles-based Position Music.

They have assembled a unique group of talented artists, including Welshly Arms bandmates Jon and Bri Bryant and drummer Joey “Coach” Hanna. Singer Stacey Richardson added her styles to the track after recently delivering arrangements for the Rock Hall induction ceremonies.

Hanna insisted on being part of the collaboration after chatting with Getz and Weaver one day in the studio, knowing the importance of a single drum to the franchise. Just like the one pounded by John Adams for decades atop the stands.

“Drum tracks for a Cleveland baseball song, those are pretty big shoes to fill,” Getz acknowledged.

When fans tune in to tune in to games on the Guardians Radio Network or watch Bally Sports Great Lakes TV shows, they’ll be able to catch sections of the track, as well as at events at the ballpark and around town. .

What they will hear is a song that is “Cleveland” at its core. Getz said he and Weaver inherited “certain instinctive musical and aesthetic choices” from living in northeast Ohio.

“We still lean towards what I consider a ‘Cleveland sound,’ which is drums and guitar and even some gospel singing,” Getz said. “It sounds very ‘Cleveland’ to me.”

One of the lyrical hurdles, Getz admitted, was that with a new team name, fans hadn’t yet adopted an abbreviated nickname, like “Tribe,” which became the thread running through the old track. .

Getz and Weaver didn’t feel right trying to coin a nickname in the song, so the focus shifted to fans and the town itself.

“We had to do something from scratch,” Getz said. “It was kind of a wrinkle in it all.”

What followed numerous music review sessions with team officials was a track aligned with everything the Guardians intend to stand for this season and beyond.

“They really see the organization as more than baseball,” Getz said. “It’s about really being there in the community and belonging to the community.”

Getz said he hopes the song has a long life and becomes something that his children and one day his grandchildren can show off with pride.

“It’s really exciting, because I know how the Cleveland fandom works,” Getz said. “We’ve all been here for generations.”

Below are the lyrics to “We Are Cleveland”.

Are you ready now?

Get up and count down

This is our city, this is our time, we should make it loud

The 216 family is what we are proud to be

From east to west, sing it with me

We are! We are! Cleveland Guardians!

We are the Cleveland Guardians!

From east to west, sing it with me!


We are the Cleveland Guardians!

We are where we belong

Sing the songs of Ohio

Let them hear it, let them feel it, make your voices loud!

We never compromise, never apologize

In this town, knock us down, we’ll always get up

We are! We are! Cleveland Guardians!

We are the Cleveland Guardians!

From east to west, sing it with me!


We are the Cleveland Guardians!

We will fight strong and proud!

We will all defend this city!

Faithful and strong, let’s fight for what we believe in

This city we love, yeah we all defend Cleveland!


We are Cleveland!

We are Cleveland!

Bonus tracks:

Stacey Richardson and Bri Bryant are each scheduled to perform the national anthem ahead of Guardians games this season.

And there’s even a secret track, produced by the same group of artists who performed on “We Are Cleveland.” This song is expected to be released by Guardians at a later date.

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