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Join Manu Dia on his journey into serene soundscapes in his ambitious new mini-album, Often Inside. Released April 8 on TOKiMONSTA’s Young Art Records, Often Inside is the story of the Spanish producer’s journey around the world, using travel as his own form of creative metamorphosis following the challenges of the pandemic. The project represents the “creative maturation” of the artist, Manu Dia explaining that “finding a new creative process was at the heart of the project when I started writing these songs. Isolation and loneliness completely reshaped the meaning of this album and my creative process.” The mini album “reflects life as I dealt with loss, love and loneliness – I tried to portray these feelings without really understanding them, just embracing them.”

Accompanied by visuals shot by creative director Valentin Folliet in his own Saint-Pierre-d’Albigny, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of France, Often Inside is an emotional and meditative collection of moments crystallized during travels from Manu Dia across France, Romania, and Spain. “Movement is a big part of this project; it reflects the phases that Manu has gone through, both physically and mentally, over the past few years,” Folliet shares. “The cover was created around the idea [of] finding peace: Manu, encompassed in the vastness of nature, moving forward [in] a hopeful and very colorful scene.”

Manu Dia displays a warm sense of intimacy experienced in previous singles “Often Inside”, “Promise” and “Tuesday Morning (feat. Lizzy Land)”. The opening song, “Still Here,” brims with anticipation, reflecting and releasing the buzzing energy the artist felt while waiting for a train. Collaborations with Maiah Manser and Rush Davis showcase Manu Dia’s pop sensibilities, highlighting the producer’s versatility. His unique approach to production involves micro-sampling, a methodology that is applied to the guitar of “What Now” and the more complex, “One Another.” Together, Often Inside forms a cohesive image of an artist in transition, endlessly searching for sounds to elevate and inspire his own form of emotive dance music.

Inspired by his unique upbringing between an ancient ancient kingdom of Spain and the bustling center that is Brussels, Manu Dia creates music that tells a story through sound. He describes his music as a mix of dancefloor-inspired euphoria and fleeting feelings that draw inspiration from life itself. A visionary artist shaping his own path, Manu Dia brings a refreshing and necessary perspective to dance music culture.

Often inside the track list
Always here
Tuesday morning with Lizzy Land
Often indoors
Friends ft. Maiah Manser
Nobody Else ft. Rush Davis
And now

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