Mark Tuan says he’s ‘finished’ work on a solo ‘album-like project’


GOT7 member Mark Tuan has teased his first solo album, saying he’s finished working on the next album.

In a recent interview with Singles magazinethe Taiwanese-American K-pop idol has revealed that he recently completed an “album-like project”, just before he arrived in South Korea to join GOT7 for the boy band’s comeback.

“I worked on a lot more songs than the singles that came out,” Tuan said, translated by Soompi. “Before coming to Korea, I finished working on an album-like project in a hurry, then I held a listening party for my friends and staff members, and the response was good.”

The Taiwanese-American singer added that he prepared “quite a few” songs and everyone at his listening party had different favorites. “I plan to release the finished album before the end of the year,” he teased.

Elsewhere during the interview, Tuan also talked about his songwriting process as a soloist. “As it’s a job I’ve wanted to do for a long time, I focused on writing lyrics that a lot of people can relate to,” he said, adding that he expresses messages in his music by creating fictional characters.

“Because it has to do with personal matters, I needed courage, but I think letting it out like that made me feel more free,” he added.

Yesterday (May 23), GOT7 made their long-awaited comeback with their brand new self-titled EP. Frontman JAY B shared at a press conference that it was “surreal” for all seven members to reunite for the new record. “I’m so relieved that we can release an EP as a septet,” he added.


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