Metallica Just Made The Most Metallic Turntable Ever


Metallica has some of the coolest and upcoming products might be the coolest piece yet. Their new limited edition record player is designed and handcrafted in Europe and is certainly the most metallic record player ever.

The record player has super sharp edges reflecting the band’s logo. The record player has a sick looking stylus arm is a unique shape and the record player is just waiting to make you scream ride the lightning above.

The website of the company that made the turntable, Project, states “The Metallica team chose Pro_ject as their collaboration partner to create a Metallica-themed record player, continuing the brand’s proud tradition of collaborating with artists.” Pro-Ject has tons of artist series record players and has collaborations with the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Hank Theessink and more.

The Metallica Artist Series turntable has a mirror-finish metal logo surround that gives it its distinctive look. “The S-shaped tonearm comes with a Pick it S2 C integrated cartridge and headshell pre-installed, but allows for easy cartridge swapping via the detachable assembly. Tracking force, anti-skating and VTA are fully adjustable to fine-tune and position the Metallica Limited Edition turntable as a true audiophile investment.

The Metallica turntable retails for $1,599.00 and is “coming this summer” according to Pro-Ject. Take a look at the most metallic turntable there is below.

Watch: Metallica Just Made The Most Metallic Turntable

Here’s a look at Metallica’s new $1599.00 turntable that’s coming soon.

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