New Ozzy Osbourne album coming in September, says Sharon


Ozzy Osbourne’s wife, Sharon, has confirmed that he will be releasing a new album in September.

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She broke the news during an appearance on The Graham Norton Radio Show which was recorded in April. Listen to the interview below.

“He’s good. He’s really, really good,” Sharon said, noting her recent battle with COVID.

“He’s busy in the studio. He always writes and sings, and it makes him really happy… He will never stop singing and writing. We built him a big studio here [at the house in the UK], so he can do everything at home. And he can’t wait to come back, to be honest with you.

In April, Ozzy said his latest album was finished and would be released this year. “So happy to let everyone know that I finished my new album this week and delivered it to my label Epic Records,” he said in a post at the time.

He added, “I will share all information about the album and its upcoming release with you in the coming weeks.”

During her chat with Norton, Sharon also opened up about how she and the legendary singer were returning to their Buckinghamshire estate.

“I’m back here [in the UK] for three weeks right now,” she said in the interview. “And then I come home for three, then I come back here for a couple. So I’m going back and forth until Christmas until we move here permanently.

“I’m bringing my husband back. The kids are so American they don’t want to come back here. So it’s just Ozzy and me.

The Black Sabbath frontman’s most recent release was 2020’s “Ordinary Man.” In a five-star review, NME said “Ozzy Osbourne has already done more for music and popular culture than anyone had the right to expect. For someone who helped invent modern metal, he has an impressive number of surprises up his sleeve (see: a hugely successful solo career and a genre-defining reality TV show). This happy album is yet another.


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