Producers Shrinivas & Madhusudan Kulkarni release new song, “Halvese”


The romantic trail was made with a lot of heart, with a team known for making successful Marathi trails.

It is undeniable that the genre of songs that are made today has been strongly linked to audiences. Not all of them, but some rare pieces of music and melodies definitely captivated people and made them feel a sense of belonging. One wonders what could have helped these songs to attract more public attention. Actor-turned-producer Shrinivas Kulkarni says the real intention of creating beautiful songs that can take people to a whole different world can do the trick.

It is amazing to know that brothers Shrinivas Kulkarni and Madhusudan Kulkarni have once again come up with a new track called “Halvese”, which should be released on the 5the October 2021. The song was shot in Kasat Wada, Mulshi, near Pune, in a natural environment for people to feel the breeze of love and romance through the song. It stars famous actor Akshay Waghmare and newcomer Saniya Nikam.

The song Halfese presents a lovely love story. It’s about a girl who has a function in her house, and the guy, who is the event manager of the function, comes to the place. This is where they meet and develop feelings. Speaking about his experience working in the song Halvese, Akshay Waghmare, the song’s male frontman, says that after working for many films he wanted to do a romantic track and with this song he is happy to have taken over this project.

Working on this romantic track, Akshay Waghmare said he enjoyed working with the crew, including producers Shrinivas Kulkarni, Madhusudan Kulkarni, director Yogesh Anil Tawar, DOP Rahul R Zende, all supporting cast and all production team of Ninaad Films, Pune. He is delighted to work with people who he believes are as passionate and hardworking as he is.

Halvese is a song with beautiful vocals by Jeevan Marathe and Nikita Purandare. The music was given by Swapnil Sawant and Jeevan Marathe and is choreographed by Sahil Saha.


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