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Music has played a big role in our world as we know it. There was incredible music from all different cultures and generations, giving us a relatable song for just about anything imaginable.

This prompted us to put together our list of the top 9 songs about gambling. There are a lot of songs about taking risks, but we tried to make sure they had lyrics about gambling. There are strong chances are you’ve heard a good chunk of it, while others might also be new to you.

Let’s jump right into our best songs about gambling that you can listen to while playing at the best online casino sites.

9. When You’re Hot, You’re Hot – Jerry Reed

The first of our best game songs will be from 1971 by Jerry Reed. It was one of his most popular songs, which reached number one on the country chart for five weeks.

If you love playing craps, this will be one of the best gambling songs for you.

A lot of the game is about ups and downs or being sexy or not. The chorus is a perfect representation.

“When you’re hot, you’re hot

And when you’re not, you’re not”

8. Player’s Blues – BB King

Dating back a few years before our last game-themed songs, there’s BB King’s single titled “The Player’s Blues.” Sometimes gambling can be a difficult experience, especially if you fail to win a single bet.

Blues could be a perfect musical genre if you ever fall into this feeling.

“Oh, I don’t pretend to be people who don’t play

Oh, I don’t know much about dice”

While this is one of our best gaming songs to listen to, it’s more of a song you might need after a bad losing streak. Blues isn’t a very fast-paced genre, so you might want to look in another direction if you’re looking for the best songs on the game to listen to while playing.

7. House of the Rising Sun – The Animals

Our next song on our list of best songs on the game is popular. Not only is it a great game song, but it’s also one of the best songs overall. The Animals have the most successful version of this song from 1964, but it’s actually an old folk song.

This song is often called the first “folk rock hit”.

You may not know the exact title of the song, but the opening guitar and vocals should be familiar to you. Hilton Valentine was on electric guitar, Chas Chandler on bass, and Eric Burdon’s vocals tied it all together.

The lyrics of the song tell the story of a man’s father who was a gambler in New Orleans.

“Now the only thing a player needs

Is a suitcase and a trunk

And the only time he’ll be satisfied

That’s when he’s all drunk”

Gambling can be a different experience for many people. Some people just want to spend their money until they get rich or broke, so these lyrics may apply to them. It’s also kind of like Gambler’s Blues, where you can listen to it after a hard night’s play.

Overall this song is very flexible and one of the most popular game songs in history.

6. Life is a Gamble – Big KRIT

The next of our top game songs will be from rapper Big KRIT, whose single “Life is a gameis exactly what we are looking for here. The lyrics throughout the entire song are related to the game, which you can tell by the title and chorus.

Sports bettors will also appreciate these lyrics;

“That’s all it would take, home shook me

‘Cause it’s no use spreading, but God makes books”

If you think about it, there are risks in just about everything you do. For example, something as simple as driving a car can be considered a huge risk. Car accidents are very common, so you can consider this as one of life’s bets.

This is one of the songs about risk, which can be directly related to gambling. After all, gambling is all about taking risks in hopes of hitting the rich. If Big KRIT’s point spread sayings want you to bet on some upcoming games, be sure to go to the best places to gamble with real money online.

5. Easy Money – Billy Joel

On a lighter note, gambling can be an experience where you feel like you’ve won the easiest dollar ever. Going to work every day and earning money the hard way can be tiring. Gambling is a way to earn money that is not physically demanding at all.

“I want easy easy money

I might get lucky, oh, things might be fine

I want easy easy money

Maybe this time, maybe tonight”

These lyrics from the album An innocent man (1983) represent exactly what we are talking about here. You can earn money in seconds through gambling, so it’s considered “easy money”.

Unlike some of our previous game-related songs, this one is absolutely worth listening to while you play. It’s fast and upbeat, making it a perfect song to listen to while having fun.

Ultimately, Billy Joel has some wildly popular hits, but also has one of the best songs on the game.

4. Winner Takes All – ABBA

ABBA are another band with incredibly popular hits, but we also find them on our list of the best game songs. Their hit song “The Winner Takes It All” is from their 1980 album, Great soldier.

“I played all my cards

And that’s what you did too

Nothing more to say, no more aces to play

The winner takes it all

The loser is small”

This song peaked at number one in several different countries including UK, USA, Netherlands, Ireland, etc. Winner takes all is a common aspect of the game. There are also lyrics of cards, dice, and other common game practices.

ABBA has a lot of great music, including one of the most famous game songs.

3. Tumbling dice – The Rolling Stones

You might say that a few Rolling Stones songs should have some of the best songs on the game, but we’ll stick to just one. It would be their 1972 hit single, “Tumbling Dice”.

You could tell it’s a Rolling Stones song if you listened to it blindly. The slower pace, groovy guitar sound and bluesy lyrics are written all over so many of their popular songs.

It never reached number one on the charts, but it definitely made it to our list of top gambling songs. Take a look at the Chores lyrics:

“Baby, I can’t stay

You gotta roll me up and call me tumbling

Roll me up and call me tumbling dice

Baby, oh my!”

It also has lyrics about being the only craps shooter, so it’s a great song to listen to while playing it.

2. The Angel and the Gambler – Iron Maiden

If you’re looking for the best songs on the game that have a faster beat, they don’t go much faster than Iron Maiden.

“The Angel and the Gambler” was a single released in 1998. CGI has come a long way since that video was released, but it’s still cool to see even now. You can see lead singer Blaze Bayley playing cards with alien creatures, which was pretty groundbreaking at the time.

The clip also contains an abridged version of the song, which actually has two parts. Part 1 is 9 minutes and 56 seconds long, while Part 2 is quite long at 6:05.

Lyrics such as “Roll the dice, spin the wheel. Out of your hands now, so how do you feel?” and the title make it one of our best songs about gambling.

1. Viva Las Vegas – Elvis Presley

As for the number one song on our top gambling songs, we have Elvis’ 1964 hit, “Viva Las Vegas.”

The song is certified gold and has sold over 500,000 copies. They also made a film of the same title, considered one of Elvis’ best films.

The film’s budget was $1 million and the The box office was impressive at $9,442,967. As for the song, it is also the best song on our list.

“Oh, there’s blackjack and poker and roulette

A fortune won and lost with every transaction

All you need is a strong heart and a nerve of steel.”

That’s exactly the type of song we’re looking for here. Lots of rhythm, groove and casino-related lyrics in this one.

This is going to wrap up our list of the best gambling songs. If you’re looking for more music to listen to while you play, be sure to also check out the best poker songs.

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