Rise Against Urges Fans To Seek Humanity Amid Interactive Video


And now for something a little different. Rise Against just dropped their brand new video for “Talking to Ourselves,” but for those who love those little extras that Easter eggs can bring, it’s worth paying close attention to the artwork displayed in the clip. This is because it provides an interactive experience with fans closer to the overall message of the song.

In the clip, patrons at an art gallery all tend to be more glued to their phones than to the pieces hanging on the wall, which might actually spark more interest if they were just paying attention. As you can see in the photo above and in the video below, the artworks are QR codes which, when scanned, will take viewers of the video to an encrypted website, unlocking some more mystery surrounding the song over the next few weeks.

Director Ryan Valdez explains, “The intent behind the video was to re-illuminate us as a society and develop a sense that we have gradually lost our humanity. In our video, the QR codes represent little windows to the world outside of our bubbles, only to be discarded and transferred to the next event.

“It’s so dark,” he continues. “Heartbreaking headlines are so disposable and just another hashtag buried in the news of celebrity gossip and trendy dances. As we watch and Tim [McIlrath] sing’are we talking“I hope this reminds us to be human, to listen, to speak up and to do better.”

“Talking to Ourselves” has had an evolutionary journey for the band, first appearing on their 2021 Generation Nowhere album, then reception of the placement on the live Sessions nowhere together and also receiving a remix by IDLES earlier this year. The song charted in the Top 25 on Alternative and Mainstream Rock radio.

You can interact with Rise Against even more by capturing the band in concert. Their current tour leg runs until April 22 and you can see the tour dates at this location.

But now it’s time to dig beyond the surface. Scan these QR codes and see where the journey takes you.

Rise Against, “Talking to Ourselves”

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