Robert Plant and the Funny Reason He Turned Down a ‘GoT’ Role


Robert Plant is a rock god, but never forget that he’s also an incredibly funny guy.

Do you want proof ? In a recent conversation with George StroumboulopoulosPlant was asked if he looked Game of thrones. He replied, “No. I was offered a part in it… I don’t want to be pigeonholed. I mean, I started this s—. Go back to “Immigrant Song”. Led Zeppelin being part of a cultural exchange in Iceland with the Icelandic government. So they didn’t really know what they had invited to their little island.

He continued: “So on the way back on the plane I started to think, because I love the history of Western Europe from maybe the Bronze Age all the way through the old religion, the big one, kind of, when we were really in touch with our land. And so the Viking thing was obviously this idea of ​​playing in Iceland and experiencing this incredible landscape and people. Yeah, I I have a lot to answer, really, because I’ve never seen so many bands with double-bladed axes, and they all could have looked like Soft Cell, something like that.

When asked about the role he was offered, Plant replied, “I thought I should get on a horse and go. [mimes raising his head regally.]”

Honestly, it’s not fair that they’re both musically talented. and funny. Leave something for us, Robert!

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