Ryan Adams shares new Romeo and Juliet album


Ryan Adams shares new Romeo and Juliet album

Since a 2019 New York Times article effectively “cancelled” singer-songwriter Ryan Adams, his ambitious exit plans have been put on hold. Lately he has started slowly releasing these albums on his own PAX-AM label. great colors was finally released in 2021, although it didn’t receive much fanfare – certainly not as much as previous albums – and today it released a second album since accusations were made by artists like Karen Elson and his ex-wife Mandy Moore.

The new album is called Romeo and Juliet and like great colors, will be self-produced on his PAX-AM label. The album won’t hit streaming services for three weeks, but it’s available today for early access through the PAX-AM website. You can go to the PAX-AM store to download the album. The album has an impressive 19 tracks, including two bonus tracks.

Romeo and Juliet track list

1. “Roller Coaster”
2. “In the blue of the night”
3. “I don’t remember”
4. “Something is missing”
5. “The Girl from Doylestown”
6. “Romeo and Juliet”
7. “Anything”
8. “Rain in Los Angeles”
9. “Bad connection”
10. “In the meadow”
11. “Run”
12. “This is your house”
13. “At Home with the Animals”
14. “Earthquake”
15. “Hold Me Together”
16. “Losers”
17. “My Paradise”
18. “Theo dreams”
19. “They will know our love”



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