Sidhu Moosewala Fans Await His Song Release On Sutlej Yamuna Link Channel, More Punjab Issues


Fans of slain singer-politician Sidhu Moosewala are eagerly awaiting the release of a song he wrote and sang on the issue of the Sutlej Yamuna Link (SYL) Canal, Punjab’s rights to river waters and Sikh prisoners who languish in prisons, even as his family has appealed to all music producers not to share or release any of his unfinished tracks with anyone other than his father.

Moosewala, whose real name was Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu, was murdered on May 29 by unidentified assailants in the village of Jawahar Ke in Mansa in Punjab, a day after the state government reduced its security coverage. His cousin and a friend, who were traveling with him in a jeep, were also injured in the attack.

Sources close to the slain singer told The Indian Express that Moosewala has prepared a new track on the channel, Sikh prisoners and other issues. “He had said now every third song would be about Punjab issues,” a close friend of Moosewala said.

“He had finished the audio recording and the conceptualization of the video shoot was underway. He was to visit Canada for his concerts this summer and the plan was to release the song SYL just before. Now his father would take the last call on his pending and unpublished works,” said the friend, who asked not to be named.

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Even though Moosewala was known for his songs glorifying guns and violence, he was also among those who strongly raised issues related to state rights. He had supported farmers in their agitation against the Center’s three farm bills which were eventually withdrawn.

“Most people don’t know who Moosewala really was. They stereotyped it by seeing some songs about weapons. He was way beyond that. He wrote this song about the river water rights of Punjab and the SYL Canal issue because he had begun to feel responsible towards his state and his people,” the friend said, adding that Moosewala would say “he must write something that is for the welfare of Punjab and its people” because “so many people follow him”.

Even though he joined the Congress and contested the elections, Punjab came ahead of everything else for Moosewala, the friend said. “That’s why he thought of writing a song about SYL channel and other Punjab issues even after losing in the election,” he added.

Hinting that Moosewala’s song SYL could be released soon, Stalinveer Singh, a Punjabi music and video director and close friend of the singer, said in an Instagram post that Moosewala shared photos of Balwinder Singh Jattana with him on May 27 and discussed the details. video shooting. . “The SYL song will remove many doubts and misunderstandings about who Moosewala really was,” he wrote on the social media platform.

Jattana, an activist with the pro-Khalistan group Babbar Khalsa, and his three accomplices allegedly murdered officials discussing the construction of the canal in a Chandigarh office in 1990.

They are hailed in the state for “stopping the construction of the canal” and “saving the river waters of Punjab”.

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Meanwhile, a post was uploaded to Moosewala’s official Instagram account on Thursday with a plea to all music producers not to share or post any of his unfinished tracks with anyone but his father. “Please turn over all content, whether it’s 2-4 lines or a complete song, to his father after the bhog ceremony on June 8. If his works are leaked, we will take legal action against the people involved. Only her dad will decide everything now…,” the post read.

The SYL canal is an incomplete canal proposed to share the water of the Ravi and Beas rivers between Punjab and Haryana. Punjab is against the construction of the canal while Haryana wants it completed as soon as possible. In 1982, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi laid the foundations of the canal in the village of Kapoori in Patiala in the border state.


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