Singer Angella Katatumba announces new album “Masterpiece”


Singer Angella Katatumba has announced a new musical album titled “Masterpiece”.

The album was unveiled on Monday afternoon by Masters Records at their studios located along Naguru-Ntinda 2 Road in Kampala.

The full album, featuring 15 songs each centered on the life of Angella Katatumba, will be released on September 30, 2022 on all digital stores.

The listening/album release party will also take place at the Viewpoint, Hotel Diplomate.

This project is a partnership between Masters Records and Angella Katatumba in which Masters will act as the sole distributor, promoter and main producer of the album.

Speaking to the press at Masters Studios, Katatumba expressed his gratitude to Masters Records, producers Lawraid, Skillz On The Beat, WabzDj, songwriters and vocal directors David Makueta, Cieska Lytes, Stephanie Kirabo who worked so hard to make the album a reality.

“A few months ago, a team of creatives came together with the simple idea of ​​creating a piece of sound art. A body of audio work that would push the boundaries of what Ugandan music is and what it should sound like,” she told reporters.

Angella was accompanied by her brother Rugirwa Katatumba

“Looking back at the manual labor and sacrifices that everyone involved in this music creation process has put in, I feel so happy and excited about the direction of our music industry. From songwriters, voice directors, producers, instrumentalists, DJs and our executive producer/founder here at Masters Entertainment, Master Brisco. A lot of work has gone into this album and we are confident that anyone who listens to this work will find something they can love and enjoy,” she said.

According to Katatumba, making an album is never easy because of endless days of revisions and sleepless nights.

However, this one was easy for her to achieve because “when you have talent and you work with people who are even more talented than you, then everything becomes easy”.

Angella Katatumba speaking to the press at Master Studios

“We were recording two songs a day. The songs on this album all have a personal place in my heart and some feel very vulnerable. I’m very sure Angella Katatumba’s army will love every track and for people new to this album, we also hope you enjoy what we’ve delivered.


In his speech, The Masters label founder Master Brisco said the team prioritized a simple process to ensure high-quality music and, in turn, ended up creating a hit album.

Masters Records representative speaking to the media

The album is a body of work containing 15 tracks written, mixed and mastered here at Masters Records with a wonderful team of producers, vocal directors and songwriters who are all young and full of energy.

He said the label aims for a music-making process centered on the music consumer (fan), building a strong community of songwriters and producers to foster music sound innovation in Uganda, sound-centered innovation about the artist, plus a successful factory and music as an asset: innovative marketing and revenue-generating activities to earn more from art.

The event was sponsored by GnarsDAO as they launched their new Skateboarding initiative in Uganda with Gnarfrica.

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