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It wasn’t until this summer that news first broke that BLACKPINK was returning with new material nearly two years after the K-pop girl group released their first full album, The Scrapbookin 2020. Quickly, the quartet of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa created a global buzz among music fans wondering what they were up to this time.

After releasing “Pink Venom”, which topped the Billboard Global 200, as well as the title “Ready for Love”, BLACKPINK finally returned in full with their second full album. born pink. just like The Scrapbookthe new release born pink consists of eight tracks that feature the members singing and rapping in both English and Korean, with this new LP featuring four songs entirely in English, highlighting their ambitions to further break down language barriers. The disc also features a range of sounds, including traditional Korean instruments, 19th-century classical music, and vintage synthesizer work, all blended into BLACKPINK’s mix of today’s pop and hip-hop trends.

At a press conference ahead of the release of “Pink Venom,” the members of BP spoke enthusiastically about their new material and the dedication they put into every track. “We’ve been really focused on our new songs,” Rosé said, with Lisa echoing her enthusiasm, adding that “all of our songs are really good.”

Now BLINKs and music fans everywhere can experience all the new BLACKPINK gear with the arrival of born pink. Led by new single “Shut Down” and benefiting from songwriting contributions from Jisoo and Rosé, the new LP stays firm in the band’s already untouchable discography. But which songs stand out the most? Check out our ranking of each BLACKPINK song born pink below.


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