Spiritualized Share new single “The Mainline Song”: Listen


The new album Spiritualized Everything was beautiful was supposed to come out last month, but it didn’t happen. In place, Everything was beautiful will be released in April, which somehow seems fitting. A new Spiritualized record is always welcome, but a new Spiritualized record that comes out when the weather is nice and we can listen to those songs through headphones while we feel the sunlight on our faces? That’s the good shit.

Jason Pierce wrote Everything was beautiful alone in isolation, which seems like a natural state for him, pandemic or not. As usual with Spiritualized, the album features a ton of musicians, but Pierce himself plays 16 instruments on the record. Our boy J Spaceman has already released the first tracks “Always Together With You” and “Crazy”, and both are stunning. Today he shared another spiraling anthem called “The Mainline Song”.

Considering all of Spiritualized’s history, it’s perhaps a surprise that “The Mainline Song” seems to be about trains, rather than heroin. (It could be trains and heroin, or trains as a metaphor for heroin, but I don’t think that’s the case.) Over orchestral swells and rising gusts of guitar, Pierce asks if we want to go to town tonight. The song spans six minutes and rides on a glorious tidal wave of contentment. Great song. Listen below.

Everything was beautiful was released 2/25 on Fat Possum.


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