Spiritualized’s new album is one of the best releases of 2022


J. Spaceman delivered another masterpiece.

The multi-talented musician (whose real name is Jason Pierce) operates at the peak of his space rock powers on the new “Everything Was Beautiful.”

It’s a beautiful, soulful suite of orchestral pop, towering rock and intergalactic sounds, sewn together in furious yet meticulous fashion by the ever-adventurous Spaceman and his musical fellow bandmates Spiritualized.

The album is brimming with wildness and wonder, tension and turmoil, and each song seems to evoke new emotions and feelings. It’s the rare disc that regularly changes course and yet manages to appear totally coherent.

Of course, Spaceman has long been a master at making the whole feel so much greater than the sum of its parts. Most famously, Spiritualized’s 1997 effort, “Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space,” is rightly considered one of the greatest albums of the ’90s.

“Everything Was Beautiful” can be comfortably mentioned in the same breath as this acclaimed earlier effort and should be considered an early favorite for the best album of 2022.

In addition to listening to the new album – Spiritualized’s ninth overall album – fans can visit YouTube and watch the cool live footage of “I’m Coming Home” (the incredible closing montage of “Everything Was Beautiful” ). The film was directed by Spaceman and Juliette Larthe and uses footage filmed at the band’s rehearsal space in Nottingham in early 2022.


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