Stay tuned as Randy Casey releases his latest album ‘1 Dollar or 1 Dead Smith’July 15, 2022


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Randy Casey is set to release his latest album, ‘1 Dollar or 1 Dead Smith’ on July 15, 2022. The title track released this year in May is loved and appreciated by his fans.

AArtist Randy Casey is about to release his latest album, ‘1 dollar or 1 dead blacksmith’, on July 15, 2022. The album features eleven songs, including a title track. Its title track was released on May 21. The lyric video on YouTube has garnered over 100,000 streams and continues to wow fans with dazzling rock music and brilliant writing. The song is mainly about “the neighborhood bully”. Randy, who is the song’s lead guitarist and vocalist, did his best to compose the track. The mobility and versatility he showed while strumming the guitar will certainly win you over with his songs.

Randy Casey

The charm and the magic operated once more. Through the latest album, the multi-faceted artist has unveiled another facet of his know-how. The songs are subjective and deal with different aspects of rock music. The multi-instrumentalist has spared nothing to make his album highly immersive. Moreover, he reaches another peak of supremacy as a songwriter through this album. The lyrics are phenomenal in expressing the subject of each song. So stay tuned for the release of the album’1 dollar or 1 dead blacksmith’. Until then, listen to his other tracks and check out the title track on Youtube. To know him better, follow Randy Casey on instagram, Facebookand Spotify.

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