The Bedford singer sees the track become one of the UK’s most played songs on TikTok


A song by a local Bedford singer that he wrote from his friend’s guest bedroom has become one of the UK’s most played tracks on social media app TikTok.

Patryk Wxjcik, better known as Pat, kicked off his music career earlier this year with his debut song “Kodak” in January after going viral in 2020.

Immediately people started to react to his music and this song alone has been played almost 1.5 million times on Spotify.

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This prompted Pat to continue his musical journey and he quickly released the track “White Air Forces” in April – he wasn’t sure how popular the song would become.

Since its release, the song has been listened to over four million times on Spotify and it recently ranked fifth in TikTok’s Music Report for Best Alternative Tracks in the UK.

Italian Eurovision winners ‘Beggin’ Måneskin tops the list, with ‘Home’ by Edith Winters and ‘Greek Tragedy (Oliver Nelson TikTok Remix)’ by The Wombats finishing second and third respectively.

Speaking of the song’s success, Pat said, “It sounds pretty crazy if I’m being honest, seeing a song we wrote in my buddy’s guest room among some of the greatest artists in the world is mental and I don’t. can’t even get my head around what this song has done for me.

“It’s even funnier now in hindsight because we weren’t even going to release this song as a single.”

Speaking about the popularity of the track, Pat continued, “You can never expect a song to do anything, and I always think expectations kill passions and creativity and I had to learn that. hard.

“However, it’s always a nice surprise to see so many people connecting to your art.

“I always knew it was a special song and I knew she had the potential to connect, but no one could ever have predicted that she would do such a madness, I’m so grateful for everything that came out. “

This led to the release of his debut EP ‘No Ball Games’ in September, and last month Pat performed a sold-out debut concert at Esquires in Bedford.

“No ball game has made little ends and I’m so happy with it as a job, but it’s just a warm-up, we’ll be coming real quick with new music very, very soon, hope you are all set, ”Pat says.

“Esquires was my very first time performing live and being able to sell a front page show there was mental. I can’t believe people literally paid money to come see me sing it was crazy!

“As soon as we were allowed to do shows again, I knew I wanted to make Esquires the first.”

You can listen to Pat’s music on Spotify and you can follow him on Instagram here.

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