The Clog’s Ultimate Breakup Playlist


Many people have gone through the bitter pangs of heartbreak, failed “situations” and separations. We lock ourselves in our rooms with stacks of tissue boxes and empty ice cream cartons on the floor, watching an abundance of romance movies that could make us worse. It’s an eerily universal and familiar feeling – and living it in solitude doesn’t make anyone feel any better. In hopes of lifting your isolations, I’ve compiled this playlist of a diverse set of breakup songs to help you through these particularly difficult times.

“The Last Time” by Taylor Swift

As the queen of breakup songs, Taylor Swift’s “The Last Time” perfectly captures the desperation and pain behind asking someone to make you a priority when they’ve shown otherwise. It stings your chest, leaving lumps in the throats of anyone who has suffered this all-too-familiar kind of injury.

“Silver Springs” by Fleetwood Mac

This song is the anthem “you will never forget me”. Stevie Nicks’ exasperation is prominent in her voice, encompassing the frustration and pain of being hurt by someone you love – and not letting them forget it. Stevie’s words make you feel stronger in your grief.

“It sucks to see you do better” by Valley

The polar opposite of “Silver Springs,” Valley encapsulates the bitter feeling of seeing or imagining that your ex is better off without you. It’s the song you play at 3 a.m. when you’re feeling sorry for yourself, which is normal when you’re going through the stages of a breakup.

“enough for you” by Olivia Rodrigo

If Taylor Swift is the queen of breakup songs, Olivia Rodrigo is the princess. Whole sound Acid The album might be on this playlist, but “enough for you” is special in that it completely captures the feeling of not being enough to satisfy the person you were with. It’s a genuine feeling after a separation, and hearing your experience through another’s words really helps validate those feelings.

“Memoirs” of Conan Gray

Conan Gray knows how to genuinely express the frustration that comes with what they call “situations.” This song goes through the on-again-off-again cycle one can go through when entangled with another person and knowing that nothing good could ever come of it. It’s the perfect song to listen to about a specific experience many people have had.

“All I Wanted” from Paramore

Everyone knows this song and the haunting note of Hayley Williams in this third chorus. “All I Wanted” is the best song to play when you need to let go of all those negative emotions – anger, pain, sadness, loneliness – after a breakup. That’s what you listen to when you want to scream the lyrics with Hayley. He manages to contain all the emotions felt during a separation. It’s about missing someone, being mad at someone for leaving, still loving them, feeling lonely, and so much more. It’s the ultimate breakup song.

Music has a knack for making people feel less alone. Hearing people sing about what you are going through makes the experience less isolated and less lonely. No one should go through a breakup alone, and I hope these few songs and my lyrics can help ease some of the loneliness — and remember, it always gets better.

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